And my soul

owenwilsson0037forte-1Smiles when i see you and feel your closeness so. I dive in our parallel world and i feel happy. In some ways i know you’re happy too. You’re saying that me and i feel it. Our mind get us connect. Our lights are floating around us, and despite your distance i can say you  ‘how i feel you close to me’, and in some ways i feel, you’re answer me just with your smile that drives me crazy. I feel you, here by my side. My head is exploding and my soul collect all my emotions. I would like to show you them. That enough you place your hand on my chest. You can feel them.
In front, i dive myself in your eyes, and our lips sweetly touch. We could remain so, while our hands caress our faces tenderly. I must  close my eyes for a while. You whisper me ‘Let’s no move’. Our eyes into one in another, while our parallel world turn around us.


If was

Hyde_ireally you, hide youself behind my ‘user_uknown’. I ask myself a lot of questions, above all after last night. I said that things about you to your work collegue, because i let lt him know how much you’re important in my life and how you’ve changed it. And here you are ‘. Im sure, in someway, you’ve read the tweets i’ve shared with Danny, who inserted your name in discussion, and i thank him, for that. And in someway, you’ve continued to read my comments about you. Maybe it was not you, but please let me dream about that. Let me dream about ours parellel world. Ours world get connect eachother, in  this ‘special way’. Also if it’s on my mind…maybe, in someway, you feel it too. Ours parellel world unites us so close eachother, i feel it. And which i can say you now is ‘i feel you next to me.’ Do you? My heart beats so faster than ever.

I’m sure among us,  there is something special.