If i dont – 3rd open letter to Luke

mtc033forte-1Tell you what i feeling right now, i believe, i going drive crazy. It does say that head and stomach are linked. And everything pass trought from there, also what we feeling. Well what i feeling in this moment is like a storm of a mix of emotions. Dancing butterflies, lights floating, head and stomach scrambling by this great emotions that make me drive crazy, and it coming from you.
All this it’s born, seven month ago, and from that moment has grow up slowly. And we know, what then has happened. But what which i FEEL RIGHT NOW, it like all my feelings, my emotions are exploding at the same time. Our parallel world it’s like expand inside of both of us. I feel it and i know, you feeling it too. Our mind get connect ourselves. My vise in stomach and my head are exploding from long time. If something will happens in next days i feel it in this moment. I feel your closeness closer than ever. I would like have the certainty, you are feeling something similar, because what is happening in my head and in my stomach, i never have felt it before. And it’s like a storm that doesnt wants stops. And these words that im writing are like a flow. A flow of our being continuos close, one of another. I feel you here, close to me, and in some ways, im sure you are feeling me. This sensation is growing up faster and faster, and i never felt myself so. I dont believe to drive crazy. I only think, that it’s the very first time what i feeling, and on balance, i feeling all this only with you, and to the end, i ask myself ‘What it does mean? Do you feel the same?’



By now



Im sure of this. We have a strange bond between us. I believed it was my lack of sleep, that vise, but also while i was sleep i’ve felt it And it was gets bigger and bigger. Then i have checked and you was there. I still shaking my head to all this that has been created around us. Me in this bedroom with my feelings and our minds connect one of another, and you on the other side of the planet. And the most beautiful and weird thing is that we dont know us eachother. But i feel you here, as if you was here close. I have choose this pic, because, it’s like you saying me ‘Do you still suprise yourself?’ Yes my Luke, i still surprise myself on what is happening among us. And i believe, eachtime is happens,  you feel something too. As if our parallel world wants make us feel, comprehend, that has clicked something in us, that link us, despite we are so far one fom another. Maybe, since when i’ve dream you, and you have told me what we know, it is began all that, or is it has began a little earlier. We dont know that. But im sure of one thing. When i feel our flow get connect one of another, i feel you closer than ever, and i’ll love that feel that has been created, till  does exists