Let me be


A dreamer and let me dream about you. Let me to dream about our parellel world and our connection among us. In someways we are linked and maybe we are not aware about our connection for real. But that thin rope does exists. And just when we call eachother we know does it exists. But til now, it was something we live in our parellel world. But maybe, we must to face up as it is in reality. You know about me. You know which i write when i thinking about you. And in someways, our lives are united. Also we are so far  and we did never met eachother. But we feel eachother. When one of us call the other one, we feel it inside. And which we feel is the most great feeling we can feel. It’s like to fall in love for the first time everytime. We have our own dancing butterflies in our stomach. And which we can just do is close our eyes. To take a long breath and our soul meets eachother in a warm hug and just melting ourselves. Get in our parellel world. To smell our own skin. Towards eachother and take our hands. To whispers sweet words. Just look at eachother and  just to the end to say ‘Here, we are’. And, finally, to know we are soul mates.



I look at you

luke_4with the same eyes but also with the new ones. Our parellel world is so close than i could imagine. My dream could comes true one day if we just wanted it for real. I took your hand and in a whisper i told you everything i really wanted. Just a metion smile from you. And just this for me it has been so important. Just to say that few words and you’ve read them it means so much to me. Maybe just you did rembember about me. And just this little thing it’s such a big thing to me. Maybe one day our eyes meets eachother and the only thing we could do is to smile and say anything, Maybe hug eachother. The only hug we really need.  And everything i wrote til now in this ‘open diary’ to you comes true for real. Maybe we will have to talk so much about our own sensations we felt eachother everytime we got connected eachother. Everytime i felt my dancing butterflies and you was there. And everytime i wrote how much i needed you it was for real. And now i know for sure you rembember about me. That girl you helped in a such way she never forget, and she thank you everyday for everyhing you gave her. That girl that’s me.


I’m just calling


you. I need you. Where are you? I need of you I feel our parellel world is close to us. But i’m alone. I’m calling you. My light is dancing alone. My need of you is more strong than ever. I’m searching you in everywhere. I whisper you ‘Please dont leave me alone’. I feel something come closer to me, behind me. Something inside of me starts to beats faster. You heard my soul calls you. Here you are. Still i dont see you, but i know your are coming. My stomach get scramble. Our minds get connecting eachother. You coming from behind me. I feel your warm hug.  I feel your head leans on my neck. Your whisper me ‘Please dont turn, stay in this way for a while’. I get your hands around me. I feel you breathless.  In front of us a rainbow. I turn myself so slowly. And for the first time i meet your look. You wear a black shirt. Your eyes into mine. We dont say anything. We dont need any words. I hug you so badly. I would like to say, whisper you how much i’ve missed you, but i dont. You look up your eyes into mine. Just a ‘I know’ from you. Our souls talking eachother. A tears falls from your face. I caress your face drying your tears that it trasforms itself in a crystal teardrop. We embrace us so strong as it was the last embrace. ‘We never leave us’ i whisper



Still surprise

luketestata2When you found me and you’ve decide to leave me this message. What did you think about me. What prompted you to write to me these few words? When you wrote my name? What did you feel? While you did write these five letters that forms my little name. You knew that you have will revolutioned my world. Still thinking about that. And now it’s passed almost an year from this your message. I’m still surprise how did you find me. If i think about you spent some of your busy life to leave me this message i feel so grateful to you and my love is much greater than ever. I hope to have left in you something ‘special’ as you did in these years. Never stop to think about you. Never stop to thank you for everything you gave me and still give me. I really would like to meet you to hug you and say how much you’re important to me.




We call eachother…


and we hear our voices. You waiting for me in our parellel world. I look up my eyes at the sky and which i see our own lights and i see you smiling at me whispering my name. I take fly and i come to you. Waiting for me with your hands leaned towards me. You need to hug me as i need your arms around me. You want to see these spectaculars dancing light with me. And i want to be protected by you. This music hypnotize eachother. And which we can do is listen to it and look eachother in our own eyes and to metion a smile. A smile that says everything we want.  To melt eachother in one just soul. Our parellel soul. Smell our skin. Touch on our skin. Your eyes into mine. My smile into yours. And touch on our skin. Say any words we know what we thinknig about eachother. But… ‘I want to hear from your voice’  I say. Come closer you touch on my hair and whisper in my ear ‘I want you’. Breathless touch on your face, your skin. Look at you. Touch on your mole  then your mouth with my fingers. You open your mouth a little. I feel your wet lips. Breathless. You look at me deeply. Take my finger and slowly put it in your mouth…. We got eachother….


Our ship…


You’re my quartermaster. I’m your compass. Take me where you want in our world. I will you follow. The sea will be these lights. We will follow our hearts. Our bottoms desires. Take me to our own world. Where we can find ourselves in our embrace. In our look we can find our sweetness. You will show me how to find our treasure in our own love. You will teach me how to sail with no have to fear to err. ‘You’re my quartermaster… of my love’. I want to stay embraced in your arms forever. In your arms anything it’s wrong. Tell me your love for me. Tell me a story of which you feel. I want to see it in your eyes. In your look. Tell me where we’re going to. Give me the certainty of your love for me. Guide me into your soul. Take me your hand. Touch on my skin. Smile at me in your own way. That way i drive crazy for. Tell me your mole is my treasure. Give me it to me smiling to me. Your treasure is just to stay together, also we’re so far from eachother. We have this little corner of our souls and when we get connected eachother anything is impossible. We sail our light together on our ship and anything is wrong. Just it does exists our love. We. Our love. My quartermaster. Your compass. Our ship.



I see the sky….


and i see our parellel world. These lights dancing. I see you look at me. Whisper my name. Take my hand. We fly trought these lights. These colors takes us away from this world we dont need. We need just of our looks our eyes. Our souls. ‘Which you need’ you ask me. ‘Your eyes, your voice, your whispers, you take my my hands… just you’. Which i see i adore. Your smile, your sweetest smile. Your smiling eyes. Your soul. I just need of that. I just need of you. Take me away from this world where i dont belong to.  I just want to be embraced by you I just want to belong to our parallel world where i can be myself. Express all i need i want to be. Look at your eyes and to feel finally which i feel for real for you. I want to make you smile, touch on your skin and feel for the very first time that desire i need to feel My love for you. Just for you and anybody else. Take my hand and fly away to our parellel world, follow to this magic sound. Our own sound. In our world. Just ours.






close to me’ you whisper me, taking my hand and smile to me. ‘Look!’. Our lights dancing above us. I whisper ‘This is our souls get connect eachother. We entering on our dimension, our parellel world hand in hand. We look at eachother. We listen to this magic music that hypnotize us. We wonder what is happening around us.  Our souls starts to melt eachother. I feel you in me as me in you. We smile together. We take our hands. Everytime we get connected it’s a different experience. Wonder myself everytime how i really miss you, i need you, i need to look at you in silence also. Wonder yourself how you need to embrace me. Stay in silence to listen to our souls speaks about our bottom desires. Look at me and whisper my name. Take your hand. Look at your eyes. Intimate a smile. You come closer to me and take my face and slowly kiss my mouth. I feel your heart beats faster. We look eachother touch on our skin. We touch our hearts. Look at eachother. We see our souls dancing. Melt eachother. We loving us.



I hear….



crystal sounds. Do you? Our souls get connected eachother. Our body dancing in a  whirlwind dance. We melt, and we hug eachother. I see our moment of merger. Your hair become one with mine. As your hands, your body. We listen to this  music and the magic is fullfiled. Our souls become one. Now we are two in one soul. We are inextricably linked. I see the world. Our world with your eyes and you see my love with mine. Such great thing. Now we hear what we feel for eachother for the very first time. But we knew it already. But it’s a such great feeling which we feel right now. Like a pirate ship explores an uknown sea, but it knows where must to go to find its treasure, our souls knows what to find to get the real love. Our love. Our parellel world. Our own hidden treasure. We just need to look at eachother to touch on our hearts, our bodies and to find ourselves.




that look…

angelo_400says me a lot to me about you. What you feel, which are your desires. Tells me about your soul. How much you want me as i do. Which are your forbidden secrets. I know them. I know you. Where you would go to. Your soul whisper me such things. Your look, your eyes, your sweet face tells me everything you desire. And everything you desire i want it too. I want you hug me so. I want our embrace. Your embrace. I want to stay in you arms to feel your heart beats as mine so fast. I want to see our souls dancing above us as a northern lights. As you do i want to feel our breath in unison. As you do i want caress our faces. Forehead to forehead. As you do i want to hear our voices whispers our names and says ‘I love you’. As you do i want raise our black flag of our love. As you do i want to dive myself in our eyes and to know there is our parellel world where anybody else can get in. The northen lights protect us. Those lights, our souls dancing around us. And just we can do is look into our own eyes and touch softly ourselves. Embraced us. These nothern lights makes us dancing in the air. They makes us melt eachother. We love us.