glance_sommaYou begin to whisper my name and i begin to feel you, inside of me. Your smell arounds me and i must just to close my eyes to feel you and you take my hands. I look at your glance and i lost myself in it. In your eyes there is ours parellel world, and i must to look at them, we take flight in. And this music we are listening to  are ours souls melting eachother. I remain speechless eachtime i look at your eyes. They speaks alot about your feelings. What you would like to do. My heart begin to beats like a crazy one. You take my face in your hands and my hand touch on your chest, going up till your face. My finger touch on softly your lips.Kindly and breathless you open slowly your mouth, but my finger goes futher, caress your skin, up to your skin mole. and there caressing it, i close my eyes, whispèring ‘How much i love you’. Then you take my hand to your chest. Your eyes in mine. You take a deep breath closing your eyes,  you always hold my hand. Then you open them and with taking a long breath, you whisper me ‘You’re the only woman i really loved’ then you lips touches mine in the longest kiss you gave me. You dont want leave me. I hold you tight.


This time


I say you ‘How much i love you’. And for real, if one of these days we would meet us, i would be not suprised about a lot of things we have in common, especially our own way to think about such things. Here is hard to explain, but we think at the same way. And i’m shaking my head about we are on the same wave line. I could explain my thoughts also here, but it’s useless. If we would meet for real we can smiling eachother, and say anything. Just look at eachother and we would take our hands, hold them strongly and whisper eachother ‘Why we took so long to meet eachother?.
Shaking my head to find an valid anwser. But i would say you ‘I really dont know, but we are lucky we met eachother.’ Also in this strange way. but we did.
Maybe our destiny has draw our life in this way.

As you know i had some problems in my life, and to be watched as ‘the different one’ it hasnt ever been easy for me. Slowly, very slowly i’ve learnt to goes on and to look above those looks.
One of the lastest lesson i got it’s from you. I never stop to thank you.
You taught me a lot just acting. And i believe you got a lot too.
We never forget which we got. Me from you and you from Long John Silver.
Just to believe in our own force. And to transform your apparent weakness, in your real strenght.


If for real


One day you look at me in this way, with this smile, i could see  our lights  arounds me and i could feel your warm soul let in me. I could see the light of your own sun trough your eyes. And i could taste your sweetest lips with any problems, cause you would allow it with all your kindness. You would take my hand to your chest, where your heart would  beats so fast, and in a whisper you would say ‘How much i love you. You dont know how much i do’
I would look at your eyes with say any words, but our look into eachother tell us everything we feel for eachother. And very slowly, face to face we feel our breath becoming faster. Your eyes into mine, you touch on my lips once again. This time with your finger. I would touch on your skin very gently. And very gently we would kiss eachother. In this kiss we would see our parallel world becomes our real world.
And your ‘How much i love you’ would becomes my reason of life.