It’s from

grayhoundii woke up myself i feel you here, close to me. How is it possible? From yesterday i feel your closeness, despite i dont know where are you. Tell me you’re okay. This feeling is more stronger than before. I close my eyes and i can see you, hear you, touch you. My dancing butterflies are dance their own dance in my stomach and from yesterday i thinking hardly to you.  Besides what you told me, i feel you so close to me. And this sensation, i do believe it will be so hard to leave. We are so connect us, in these lastest hours. If we close ours eyes at the same time, we enter in ours parellel world. And there you can whisper all what are thinking in these moments. I can touch on your soft skin, and you do the same. You dive yourself in my glance, whispering ‘Just with you, i’m feel in a peaceful place’ and holding me tight, always eyes in eyes. I blush for a while. I touch your face so softly, you take my finger to your skin mole and you cant hold back some tears. I whisper you ‘I will be by your side’ and i touch your lips with all my gentlyness. Our lips meet eachother in one of the most sweetest, gently and passionate kiss we give ourselves ever.


Here they

bs023_forteagain back. My feelings, my white feelings for you, and you’re back to make me beats my heart with all lightness you make me feel. The lightness of ours love, made by your look in my eyes, your touch. Your eyes talks to me. And everything it’s go allright, as it would. And i dive myself in your eyes and together, hand in hand, we, slowly, enter in ours parellel world. And there ours sensantions makes bigger and stronger. My dancing butterflies dances their own dance. I take your hand to my stomach. ‘Do you feel them?’. You mention a shy smile and you whisper me ‘I’ll not leave you anymore’. Eyes in eyes, you continue ‘I promise’. I see your heart in them. And it’s a big heart and what i feel in this moment is the most beautiful feel i felt.
In silence embraced us so tight. And i can hear your breath. It leaves me breathless. You look at me, i about to talk, but you touch on my lips with your finger and you come closer to give me one of the most passionate kiss you gave me til now. Then ours look meet eachother and we remain in this way. And i dive myself  into your bare chest and you hold me tight. You and me together. Right here now and forever.


You & me

Aurores boréales - Norvège

I just need to look at you and i feeling good. You make me smile with nothing. Your eyes has the rainbow inside and i can see it when you smile to me. Just which i feel standing by your side is a wonderful sensation and it’s just magic. I look at you and i get in our parellel world with you. And just which we feel is just our kind of love that we just feel for eachother. A kind of love that opens ours minds, our heart in another level of connection. While we get connect ourselves, we feel ours souls meltin themselves and which we feel our heartbeats becoming so faster. I see my soul into yours, your heart into mine. And i can smell your skin. Your hands on my body. You touch on my legs scars with your fingers. I remain breathless. ‘Let me see your eyes’ i whisper. So slowly look up at me and take my hand to your chest. Your heart seems explodes inside of you. A whisper ‘I get what you’ve face up to’.  I caress your face saying any words, just a tear falls from my face.  Your finger on my face. Then you hold me tight and we stay in this way. Embraced eachother. No other word.




I feel you so stronger in me… And in fact you are around here and there. Today i feel  you inside of me like a velvet fire that caress my heart and my soul. If i close my eyes i just see the white color, as silk around me. and behind that white silk veil, i can see you toward your hands to me. You make dance this white veil around me. My heart beats so faster than before. I can see you throught this veil. I can see your shape. Trought this veil you touch on me. You can see me. I can hear your kind laugh. You take me trought the veil. You make me dance. My feelings explodes themselves. I see you throught this silky veil. You whisper me kind words. They make me feel speechless. You walking around me. For a while you stay behind me. Whispering in my ear something you never say to anyone. Your bottoms desires, your secrets, your thoughts. Your arms hold me tight. I remain breathless. My heart would runs aways. It explodes everytime you say something. And i would look at your eyes. I need your presence. Here right now. And i know your’re here. I feel your closeness in my heart, in my soul, in my mind. I need to look at you. Let me feel more breathless. Leave this white veil and let me show you. For a while silence. And then this veil falls on the floor. Then just you, without any shirt on. And as if we were far we embrace so strong. A look into our own eyes then the kiss we waited for from long time.