CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 85with me in this way. Looking at us eachother. With no say a word. Just eyes in eyes. Let’s make to talk ours heart. Let’s hear to ours souls trought ours looks. In this way. In silence. maybe we can touch on ours hands unaware. To feel ours skin . To see ours real feelings in ours eyes and feel ours hearts explodes just looking at us eachother. Ours eyes can speaks a lot without no spoken words. What we feel us for eachother is so stronger that we can see ours parellel world trought ours eyes. Looking at you, now i feel a warm feel inside of me. That’s the certain of your eyes on me, and my dancing butterflies dance their own dance. And for what i feeling, i cant hold back some tears. But i try to hold back them. I feel you so close to me in this moment. I can feel your hand on my heart, on my soul. Ours connection is so stronger that some tears falled from my face. I feel you so close to me, like a bomb in me. I just cant believe what i feel when your soul touches mine. It’s the most big emotion i have had feel . You are here next to me, by my side, right here and i felt you to the point to shedding tears. How is it possible? Did you feel the same feelings?


one more time

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Here you’re to destabilize me, and for sure i cant hold back my tears. It’s useeless to say how i feel your closeness despite your distance. My heart exploded with all its emotions inside. It was a day full of emotions about you. And ours parellel world get connected eachother more than ever. And i still feel you next to me. And if i close my eyes i see your eyes on me and you mention a smile just for me. And i can hear you. You say me ‘It’s all right’. You take my hand to your heart and in a whisper ‘I feel the same’. I just look at your eyes. With no any words ours souls says themselves what we arent able to say.
My heart still beats like a crazy. Still a tear falls down from my face, while i writing these few lines. What i feel right now it’s like tornado I feel ours bond make it bigger and stronger. Ours parellel world is here. We just close ours eyes for a while, and we are in.
Just you and me. Just us.