I cant (4th open letter to Luke)

bookpromoforteBreath if you stare at me in this way. I was thinking to write you something different, but it’s so difficult, if you stare at me so. My head and my stomach get in confusion, and i know, in some ways, you’re close to me. My confusion get connecting with yours and slowly our parallel world is waiting for us. If we both close our eyes at the same time, we can feel we touch, we taking our hands and slowly and together we enter in our world. Our sensations is expanding, and what we feeling is something we can only feel, when we are in this magic world. My heart starts to beat so fast and it seems it stops sometimes. I look at you and what i feel is something that i cant explain still to myself, but it’s the most beautiful emotion i ever have felt from long time. What i feel when i’m with you, alone, here in this bedroom, in front of this pc, where i can write everything openly, it’s beautiful. And i didnt still found the right words to describe it. Sometimes i stop myself. I try to collect all what i feel and i’m not able to. The only thing i can do is, to shake my head, taking the usual deep breath and to continue to stare at you, and wonder myself how much i feel your closeness, despite our real distance and the most important thing, you still dont know about me, as i wish. Sometimes i feel your closeness in a way that i must to stop, close my eyes, and i can feel your embrace. Like a punch in stomach, but a punch that makes me fly and make me think, that what we have created it’s real. From that night i have had that dream and you have said me, what we know.
That’s enough that each of us whisper our names and our connection get active itself, and what we feels is only ours. Maybe it’s only fruit of my imagination, but i dont want believe it. It’s too real. And the coincidences are became too many.


Aint strange


Also when i was sleeping i felt my vise in my stomach and in someways, despite our distance, i felt you so close, despite i really dont know what were you doing. Also you with this strange feelings.
I know what you feeling. Here in this bedroom where it all has began. What i feel in this moment is the same feeling i felt since that day in december, but stronger. If i think to you, i have no breath to continue. I must close my eyes and take a deep breath, and suddendly you are here, by my side. You looking at me with your glance.  What i feeling when i looking at you is a mix up of emotions that just you can give me. You are in front of me. Eyes in eyes we enter in our parallel world. A whisper from you leave me speechless. ‘You no have idea, how much i would stay with you tonight’. I look at you, i take you face and i caress your skin, you close your eyes and your breath making slowly faster. I guide your hand on my face, and right after you open your eyes. Between us ours lights begins their dance, it makes  us flying. Our hands hold tight. We let us not look away. Ours glance has more to tell than words.
Ours Parallel World is made of these feelings. Glances, whispers, me and you speechless, breathless and that feelings we still cant explain but when we feel them, we know it’s our connection. I feel it, you feel it. It’s inexplicable, it’s just ours.