Our connection

insta058forteAlways overwhelm me. I feel your closeness in such way that i ask myself if your are realize, of these emotions i feel around me and inside of me. My head and stomach are scrambling at the same time, everytime i feel you close to me. Here by my side. When i feel your embrace, i know that’s you and nobody else. When you look at me in this way all my deepest thoughts coming out with no shame. And you know, by now, what they are. It enough, a look of you and i drive crazy. By now i have this strong bond with you, and, despite we dont know us, i have no need of nobody else. When i feel our parallel world get connect us, one of another, i feel myself complete. My head and my stomach explodes at the same time, eachtime we feel close us one of another, despite our real distance. But what which i feel is more of the love. When i feel you here, by my side, all around me disappears and there is you only, and that’s important. Of the rest i dont care. If i write of my dreams, or of my sensations, or of what which i feel about your thoughts or what which you want to say me, isnt important. It only enough that this open diary, slowly is arriving to you, and it’s the right path for our first meeting. Im sure, you have read what i left you, and little by little, you are going knowing me, as i did with you, to finding how special you are.


You running

To me, and i feel your closeness, so suddenly. And this bedroom fills up of your smell and your sweetness. As if our parallel world around us and we are into of it. What i feel is you, here  by my side, and you are touch me softly. You are looking at me, what i’m writing in this open diary, and you shy smile to me, from behind. I can feel your breath and your hand moves my hair. Slowly you approach yourself, to kiss me my neck. When i feel your lips i close my eyes for a second and in that second you turn my chair. In front one of another, you stands me up. And finally we look at us, one of another. We smile eachother. Without realize that, i touch your face till to reach to your neo. You let me do it. You know im go crazy for it. For you it’s an excuse to bring my finger to make it reach, slowly to your lips. And i dont make any resistance. All around us is only our parallel world and what we feel it’s only ours emotions and they says us what to do. We smile one to another and we continue to surprise ourselves, how we feel so close one of another, despite our distance and above all, because we dont still know us. We feel our connect and we feel it’s strong, and we  look at us lost always, but we realizing there is it. Our feelings tell us strongly.


That feeling


I feel and you are here. Your eyes on me, my breath make faster. You come closer and you take my face in your hands. Your fingers caress my skin. Your whispers. You take me off slowly my clothes. I let you do it. A little of shame. You didnt ever seen my scars. I whisper ‘Please dont watch them’. Your hands touch on them. I remain breathless. Your hands on the only thing that i didnt want show you. And now you looking at me. With no say any word, in a second, we are in ours parallel world. And there still touching my legs and looking at me, you whisper me ‘You’re even more beautiful’. To these words i cant hold back tears. I look at in your eyes and my hand caress your face. A ‘I love you’ fly in the air. And our bodies, our souls, our hearts melting together.
I feel you so close to me right now, here by my side and now your hand touching my heart, and our warm it warm us. I really dont know what are doing, but something says me you thinking a little to me, im sure of this. I feel you so close. I feel you inside of me. You’re here, if i close my eyes i see you looking at me with your glance, you know it drives me crazy.