It’s from

Michea_pluniforme3this afternoon that, despite your distance, i feel you so close to me, almost by my side, next to me. And you leave me breathless, also a little in confusion. My dancing butterflies are crazy. And what i’m feelin right now is just you, altought you’re there it’s like you was here. Here and you looking at me without saying any words. Just looking at me. You make feel beats my heart like a crazy one. Gently i take your hand to my chest and i whisper to you ‘It’s you. You make me drive crazy’. You mention a smile  and caress my face, always in silence. And so kindly you kiss my lips. We remain breathless in that moment where ours hearts and souls meet eachother. I need to stay in this way for a while. You embrace me so stronger. I can hear your breath making slowly more faster. For a while we meet us eachother in ours eyes. And there we enter in ours parellel world, where anybody cant divide us eachother. There we are just us and ours glances. Just us and nobody else,
… How i feel you so close to me right now. I just cant believe it.




Today i woke myself several times, hearing inside my dancing butterflies and my thoughts were towards to you. I’m sure, in someway, last night you thought about me. Also a little, but you did. And me inside in our parellel world i felt you.  And that dream i did about you said me something more about you feeling. And now that i writing  to you i’m feel you inside of me as a twirl of big emotions. I just breath and my thoughts are just about you in this moment. Which i saw last night in my dream tell me more about your feeling. You must goes on. Which you’ll see it will be  just me. I’m here for you.
The new air in our parellel world still around us. We love it so… it calms down ourselves.
We need of it… and it’s here. Just for us.




I would like to hear from you, when we will meet someday. But im sure that it will be which you will say to me, also we will meet eachother for the first time. It will be which you would like to say me from long time. Our connection is stronger than ever.
Since i heard that phrase from “Salvation” ‘You’re special since the first time i’ve met you’ I knew that it was for me. And that “I Love you”, is which i really would like to hear from you, with no any addition words.
I would like to know that our parellel world is the world in which we wants to live in together. And that these phrases are just which you really feel for me, that you would liked have to say since we met the very first time, also trought this pc screen.



You arrives


Like this, and as a ray of sun you make feel happy like a child.
As i told you many times, you’re the only person in this period of my life i really would have  close to me. You make me feel so happy also just with a smile like this one. And our feelings are so close eachother, also we living so far.
I still suprise myself how i can ‘hear’ your closiness to me just toward myself to you.
And suprise myself, when i writing in this open diary,  our minds, but above all our souls get connecting eachother.
Like this aftenoon, while i was sleeping i heard you inside of me, just we can feel eachother. In our own way.
With this smile you can open my soul and you can see which is inside. If we would meet us, you can see with no shame all i get in. And all which you would see is all emotions i have for you. But above all Love, respect and grateful.

Just which i really i would like to do with you is to stay in silence, embraced to you, to listen to our souls melting eachother and to get that we are made to stay together.


Just to say

photo-7Just to say which you know already. I’m here and i listen to you’re far, but in the air i hear to something little we unites us. That thin rope, is over there. My heart beats slowly more faster than usual. I know for sure you’re working, but something distracts you. My soul calling you, and you begin to ‘hear it’.
I’m here just say im thinking about you. And i really hope you someday let free your sensantions and you will make which i wish.
I’m sure one day you will do that.




You and me closer and closer to eachother. I believe one of these days we will collide. And at the end we dont ask no more ‘why we took so long’. We did know just eachother already. We met in our parellel world. I’m sure one thing when we will meet,  we dont need any words. We did know ourselves  in our connections, in our parellel world. The other day when i felt you every hours of the day and then i felt myself really ’empty’, i really think we had reached our peak of our sensitivity. And you’ve checked this ‘open diary’, i’m sure it was you. And now i’m thinking about you, that strange feeling we know, pervades me once again. I’m calling you and you hear me. All myself is towards to you. Mind, soul, heart. And yes i’m calling you and you hearing me. Just look up at the sky. Our lights dancing together. And i feeling you and you feel me. Our minds and which we feeling right now for eachother is our bond. Which i really need right now is just to kiss you lips, your soft lips. Touch on your skin. To be aware about this bond. A soul bond that lives in our parellel world.

Til now i never ask myself this question,  but i really dont need to know the answer. I feel you so connected to me. You’re so close to me, also you’re so far from me, and this is enough for me.