Like a bomb


this morning you came to wake me up with the sensation in my stomach, and i was sure you was thinking about me. It was like you was there, close to me. And it was a wonderful sensation. In half sleep to think about you, together in our parellel world. What such feeling you got me. You make me feel in love with you as the very first time.
Which i feel when i hear you when you call just spiritually is the most beautiful emotion i felt in my life from long time.
I just know it’s a weird thing, but it’s which i feel when our souls get connect eachother and slowly we let in our parellel world, saying anything, just embrace eachother.
Like a pirate, as you was, you stolen my heart, and now it’s all your. And here i tell our ‘story’. A story about feelings, connections, memories and hopes.
I really hope everything one day will comes true.  And our eyes could meet eacother.