It’s useless


Turn around it. You make me drive crazy. What i’m feel for you, it’s something goes beyond love. Yes, it’s true, our connection to the end, is  something more bigger than we feel in these moments. I feel you so close to me, you’re by my side. Sometimes i need to take a break from what which i feel, but isnt possible, when i feel these emotions around me, like a twirl. If i close my eyes, but if also i dont close them, i feel your closeness. When i take breath, i feel your smell in the air, and this it drives me crazy.  It’s from yesterday, i feel you here, by my side.  My heart beats like a crazy. I feel our connect get bigger everytime my thoughts are towards to you. And each thing i do, it’s always interrupt by this feel i’m feel. Only in this way, writing in this open diary, i can calm down my thoughts, my emotions, my feeling. It’s strange, how i feel you close to me. I feel you inside of me. Next to my heart. By now, i know we are connect, strangely, but we are connect. Our parallel world it say us, stronger than ever, that what we feeling, link us, despite our distance. Maybe we will dont never meet, but we will have this strong connect, that nobody cant will remove, or maybe, one day we will meet, and finally we will can look at us, eyes in eyes, without say us nothing.



I love

murder_forteThese feelings that goes beyond love. And i’m feeling them from three days, without do anything of particular special.I feel you just you around me, inside of me. And my mind, has just you in her head.
You wake me up with this vise in my stomach and i know is you. And just you make me feel in this way. I’m dont sure, but something it says me in these few hours you had take a look at this open diary. I feel it. And as you noticed i hardly didnt wrong.
Now what i really need is your closeness. So i close my eyes and i take a deep breath and just right after you and me, we  are in ours parellel world. I need to stay embraced with you. Also with no say anything, maybe just little whispers. Just saying us how it is ours big feelings, how it is great our connection.
I want to stay embraced by  you, just having yours eyes into mine, and just feeling sweet touch on my hands. Maybe just little caresses.
I really just need of this right now. Maybe  just little kisses. Maybe just you.


If with those eyes

DxJDa7gX4AIydqFortehYou look at me in this way, i could lost myself , but im sure you would by my side and together we enter in ours parellel world where we dont lose us. In your eyes i can see something real magic and it’s ours lights melting eachother, and what we feelings goes beyond love.
Now im writing in this open diary, i’ve opened this path to reach to you, to your heart, to feel yours real deepest thoughts. Now i taking a long breath and in your eyes i see a world so beautiful, peaceful. And your whispers sounds like bird songs, and i listening to them speechless. You whisper me phrases i never heard from anybody else. You taking my hands. Your skin so soft. I could remain to look at you like this, for hours, with no say any words, but just touch on your chest, and i know you wouldnt do any resistence, on the contrary you hold my hand to your heart whispering me ‘It beats just for you’. Breathless and speechless i look at you, and my heart explodes inside. Eyes in eyes, closer than ever we taking ours faces in hands, listening to this music, we take flight in the longest, gently, soflt, tender  a such passionate kiss we have had never gave us.