What you’re

pois_chiariasking me it’s a hard question. I felt you when you whispered me that. I just looking at you in your eyes and the only answer i can give you is ‘ I really don’t know’. When you came to say me what you told me, months ago, you seemed almost get rid yourself of burden. But now you’re returned back. I close my eyes and i see you there, in ours parellel world almost in wait for something. I take your hands and i look at your eyes. ‘Close your eyes and take a long breath’. I feeling you so close to me in this moment more than ever. I see in your mind. My mind is a little confusion. But it’s your life You must to do what you think is better for you. In these months you have had reflect. We were been so close more than ever, as in this moment. I feel you so close to me, by my side, and these words comes out from my bottom of my heart. Despite we never met us in person, it’s like we know us from long time. I feel your closeness to me so stronger than ever.
Now what i feel is just you, inside of me, yes close to me that take my hand and get your glance into my eyes. I feel your heart beat like a crazy one, as mine. And the only thing i whisper you is ‘I’ll be always next to you, by your side, and you can tell me every your secrets. And i will love you forever, and i can promise ours parellel world is and it will be just ours and nobody’s else, Just ours’ And rembember when you need me, just whisper my name and i’ll be by your side Always.


We look

blindfortee02At us eachother, and what we feel is just ours souls melting eachother. I look at you and my only question is ‘what do you see, when you look at me’. In this your glance i see your desire to escape from this world to come in ours parellel world and stay in for long time. And stay in there just to stay embrace with me. In my arms, and you feel my hands touch on your skin trought your shirt. And maybe you hold my hand on your heart. And your eyes in mine and just few whispers that leave us breathless. In these whispers words you didnt say to anybody else, but me. And with these words you leave me speechless and my heart stop to beat for a while. I look at you and in a silence long a life, ours glances meets eachother. And right after ours eyes are into eachother and, suddendly, you sit up, you take my hand, you look at me and i see something magic in your glance. You whisper me something it leaves me breathless ‘Do you want to stay with me…forever?’
I take a long breath, while i close my eyes, i feel your lips touches my mouth so softly. Again a whisper ‘Stay with me’.




Your eyes says me a lot. They say me how much they need me, as mine need them. I could stay for hour to look at them to say anything and my feelings could talks for me. They could say how much i desire you close to me. How much i really need you, my desire to touch on your skin. How much i would love to kiss softly your lips. To hear you whispering me sweet words. while you touch on my neck and kiss it driving me crazy. Your hands on mine, our fingers that intertwines eachother. And our look into eachother. Any words spoken. Breathless. Forehead to forehead and our hands on our faces. Just a little breath. ‘Remain in this way’ someone of us says. Silence. Our mouths come closer than ever our lips touch on eachother. You. Me. Together. Forever in this way. As we desire.



Like two



Lights searching the other one, our souls looking for eachother. We call us. And we find ourselves just in our eyes. Me in your and you in mine. This is our parellel world. This music hypnotize us but we love it. It speaks to us. We can just look at eachother say any words. Just feel which we have for eachother. This music unites us so tight. And the only thing we can do is embrace us. Skin to skin. Your warm hug. I look at you in your eyes. I remain breathless looking at your mole and your eyes. I would touch on it, but you take my hand to your heart. It beats so fast. We remain without any words to say. Forehead to forehead you whisper me ‘I need you.’ I try to say something but you close my mouth with your finger and then with a kiss. That’s the way i would like you look at me, embrace me and then you would say me ‘Stay in this way forever’.



How i would love


to hear you whisper ‘You’re special’. And dive myself into your look and to kiss your lips in the sweetest way i know. And to look your eyes into mine and from your mouth to hear the words ‘I love you’. Touch on your skin. Something among us happens. And our souls get connect eachother. Your look, your own way when look at me. That metion smile it says everything. Your desire and mine, but we dont make anything. Just listen to this music. We wait for the magic ’til is fullfied. We wait for that magic moment just we know. We look at eachother int our eyes. Just our breath. Just look up our eyes in the sky and our souls melts eachother. Our own lights interwaves eachother. We feel our own bodies stay together. I smell your skin and you smell mine. Our fingers holds eachother. We feel eachother. Breathless i come to you to be embrace by you. Your warm hug. Look up at you and i see my world into your. Whisper me ‘Stay in this way…’ ‘Forever… ‘ i whisper you.


I see the sky….


and i see our parellel world. These lights dancing. I see you look at me. Whisper my name. Take my hand. We fly trought these lights. These colors takes us away from this world we dont need. We need just of our looks our eyes. Our souls. ‘Which you need’ you ask me. ‘Your eyes, your voice, your whispers, you take my my hands… just you’. Which i see i adore. Your smile, your sweetest smile. Your smiling eyes. Your soul. I just need of that. I just need of you. Take me away from this world where i dont belong to.  I just want to be embraced by you I just want to belong to our parallel world where i can be myself. Express all i need i want to be. Look at your eyes and to feel finally which i feel for real for you. I want to make you smile, touch on your skin and feel for the very first time that desire i need to feel My love for you. Just for you and anybody else. Take my hand and fly away to our parellel world, follow to this magic sound. Our own sound. In our world. Just ours.



Your light, our world

northenlightThis is what i see into your soul. Our world. This music. Our souls. Your eyes looks at me in this way. Melt myself in this our light. This dancing light. You give me a little box. I get it. Looking at you. You whisper ‘This is my heart, my love, my passion, i gives it to you’. You wonder myself once again. ‘Take care of it’ you say looking at me with  those eyes i really love. Remain  breathless. My heart explodes. Millions emotions arounds me. Looking at me you know you shocked me. ‘I want my heart be yours… forever’. I didnt expected that from you. We have just our parellel world. These magic lights are just our hearts beating for eachother. Our love.  ‘My heart belongs to youI, i always knew it, since i left you my message’. My heart beats faster than ever. Our parallel world has becoming real. Everyday i thinking about you. I whisper how much i miss you. These are our lights. Then you give me your own passion, your own love, in this way. I look at you touch on your face, your skin, touch on your lips, your mouth. I melt with you. Your heart, your passion, your love is mine as mine is yours completly. Endlessly. We got eachother and now our souls, our passion, our love is FOREVER.