How i'd like to see your eyes and make you see how you've enter in me. How i feel you close to me despite your distance, despite you really dont know me. How your sensibility touches me, and how your sweetness, slowly is transforming in our parallel world.  I see  a lot in your glance.… Continue reading Tonight

In those eyes

I know it's just comes from you

I thinking

I ask myself do you feel that ours connection as i do

Who i would like to be

I would like to be just a friend, your best friend, or something more. But basically a person who is stand next to you


In this way you look at  me. I ask you 'What are thinking about?'. In silence you take my hand and you kiss it so slowly. Your eyes into mine. A minute in suspence. Then you take my hand to your chest and in a whisper you tell me the most beautiful phrase that i… Continue reading So…