From behind

Slowly and sweetly you arrive and move my hair to whisper ‘I’m here’. I close my eyes while you say me that, and you turn me, and for the first time we are in front one of another. You have on that  black shirt, i place my hand on it and you whisper me ‘Why did you take so long?’ Yes, it true i’ve felt you all day close to me, as if you need me so much, as if it was happened something. My feelings has overwhelm me in such way. It wasnt never happened before. I’ve felt my vise explode in me, my head has explode. I have had to close my eyes for whole time to calm me down. But now im here and you’re front of me  caressing my face. Our flows gets bigger and bigger eachday. And eachday it’s something a like  new sensation for me. I never felt similar feeling before than these, with you. Eachday our connect is stronger than day past days. I look at you and in your eyes i see that you have had feel the same. Without say me nothing, you’ve tell me you had the same feeling. We look at us eachother. Our parallel world is growing fast, and what we can do is follow what our emotions is saying, one to another. Slowly we approach, one to another. Our hands on our face, looking at the most closest thing to our soul. Our eyes.  Slowly, i  touch on your neo. You mentioning me a shy smile, letting me do it, and slowly we kiss us so sweetly.
Our parallel world is becoming, slowly our real world.