jeansluketobyA moment, after you have placed the sheet in the diary, our eyes didnt take off one from another. The sound of the bar, has became more muffled, and the music slowly has turned off. But it was just our imagination, our mental state.
The music was high. We were entered in an alterate state, as drunk. But we werent drunk. Yes, we have ordered some beers, but we didnt drink. We were at table, but we were as if we were in other place.  You still kept my hand in yours. And were speechless, as in enchantement, and maybe we were in of it, for real.
Suddenly you asked me if i wanted to leave that noisy bar and looking for a more peaceful place. ‘I would like stay with you in a calm place more than this one’ you have said me. I would had to leave my safe place
. I didnt know what say you. ‘I know a place better than this’. You was already stand up yourself , and you have stretching your hand to me. You would have help me once again to walk trou that bar. Without realizing, you have collected my diary, and you had have my hand in your and slowly, we have had trough the room with all the eyes set on us. My heart beated strong, while you kept my hand in your, while we have leave the bar, the whispers of the others people resounded in the room.”


⇐”My heart

“While (6th part) ⇒

I was sleeping


And you sweetly woke me up. I have feel you. Something it has said me to check, by now, you know what, and you was there. By now, i’m used to be to recognize our signal, but i still surprise myself, how i can feel also a little perception of you and how you send me also a little part of your sensations, trough our parallel world. And now this sensation, is around me as if you was really next to me. I still surprise myself how this connect get bigger and bigger each day it pass. How is it possible, all that is happening between two persons who doesn’t know eachother, for real. To the end, if ever we will meet eachother, the only question we will make us it will be ‘Are we know us already?’ And the answer will be in our eyes. It will be just necessary to touch us one of another to find it. In front one of another, everything we will feel, it will around us, and all arond us it will transforms in all what we have feel while we were far from one of another. In our parallel world.


That’s how


I would like pass the very first moments with you. Eyes in eyes and we begining to talk about everything we want. Your glance into mine, and the words comes out freely. You close to me, you taking my hand sweetly, and i dont realizing it. While in the air, ours lights melting one in another, our parallel world, begins to be our reality. You look at me, while we talk. While you ask me some questions about me, i see your hand on mine, and some tears falls down from my face. For the first time i realizing that’s happening for real. You looking at me, you take my hand, and our world it’s like always we  imagined it. Our mind were always been connected, since last december, And what which we felt it was real. My emotions overwhelm me. You didn’t taking off eye on me. Your eyes says me everything i want to know. You hold me tight my hand. Our fingers cross. For a while we look at our hands and right after we look at us one in another. ‘I’ve waited for long time, this moment’ you say me, taking my face and you  approaching to me, your skin touch mine. It’s so soft. A moment suspended. Our glances says us what which we feel, then so slowly, you begin touch on my lips and sweetly that touch it transforms in a kiss. And slowly we dissappear in our lights.


How does is

solare_solochiaro3Possible your glance contains such sun inside, exploding in me? And your joyful reaches to me just trought a picture of you, like this one. I could dive myself in your eyes and to be the most girl happy in the world. Your eyes, your glance or in whatever you want call it, makes me feel really alive. And in yours eyes i always found ours parellel world  where ours sensantions can express themselves freely. In them i can see your soul and is one of the purest i’ve ever seen. Dont ever change. Remain as you’re.
In these fewest hours i understood something, maybe, you still didnt. But it doesnt matter now. But i understand something about of us and that it’s really counts. Taking a deep breath and closing of ours eyes and above all together, we enter in ours parellel world. And now that’s really counts. We, in ours world. We with ours feelings. Yes i feel you close to me but a little vague. But in this right istant, it’s incredible, how i feel you closer to me. I felt like a twirl arounds me! You whisper my name. It was like you elevates me and i was arounds by yours lights, like a warm hug. How is it possible i felt this right now?  I see your eyes in mine and it’s like you look at me for real. I almost blushing myself and my heart stops it. We are get connecting eachother, in this moment? … everything in in me exploding… I feel ours lights comes and goes trought ours hearts, souls but above all  ours minds. ‘This  drives me crazy’ i whisper you, closing my eyes.




A beautiful green and red aurora dancing over the Jokulsarlon lagoon, Iceland

Closeness to me reached the top. I cried. I know it’s stupid. But when something inexplicable happens among two people like us, the only thing to do is to free own feelings. It has happened another time. I felt you so close to me, and you was for real there. On other side of the world, but you was there with me. And i felt you inside of me like a fire. I started to cry when i looked at your eyes, ’cause i didnt ever feel you close to me in this way. I touched on your face. Im not sure you felt something. But which i felt confuses me a lot. Is it possibile that i feel you in this way. And our connection is so stronger than ever. And our bond is that thin rope that is growing faster and we can’t realize that our parellel world has becoming our real world. For real. How is it possible all that?
How is it possible that i feel your closeness and when i check what i feel, you’re there. How is it possible i linked my soul to yours. How is it possible i feel you so close to me and often you’re there. Is it possible ours parellel world does exists for real?
Those tears falls from my face were been a mix up of many emotions i felt in that moment. That moment in which i felt you by my side more than ever. I still cant believe that has happened for real.  Still confuse myself, but i must do believe all that is real. Our Parellel  World is more real than ever. And just which i want to whisper you is just ‘I love you


In these hours

smpost_LukeMy thoughts are towards to you. And in someway i feel you as you feel me. Maybe you think about me a while. I feel something, our parellel world is closer than ever. I close my eyes and i can see you. I rembember when you wrote me, and my heart has exploded of happiness. One year ago. Yes, one year ago, 12 months ago, you left me speechlees got me in confusion, literally. And today, an year after, i hope that magic could repeat itself. And this time we could touch ourselves for real.
And we can see together our parellel world trasforming itself in our real world.
I need to hear your voice whispers me sweet and kind words just for me.
I need of all that.









How it could be possible??


Another time i heard you inside of me and then i checked you was there. It says the number tree is the perfect number for everything. And now i confirm we have an our own connection. Everytime i have my own sensation you are around the corner. I just didnt wanted believe it. But it was real. When i felt my thing in my stomach you was there in front of your screen and you did write which you wrote.  I still shaking my head still incredulous about what happened. But i was born with this sensitivity. And maybe  you gave me such strenght to goes on besides i had  since i was born, and  i  developed this our connection. And maybe you got everything ‘i told you about my life‘ and this tied us up in a such way that we dont still understand completely. At least me.  I wanted to create a world just mine with you. I wanted believe that which i felt, here in my bedroom with my music,  it was a just my own dream. Just which i felt it was just another way to love you. Another way to feel you close to me. Another way to feel you saying words to encourages me to improve myself. To dream you say me sweet words and to imagine you caress my face metioning a smile. But i must to see the reality. I feel you for real everytime you  are there. Must confess, this scares me a little. It never happened to me in this way. So, the other day, and i was sleeping and i felt my thing in my stomach… as i describe it as the dancing butterflies in my stomach you was for real.

My parellel world with you does exists FOR REAL And maybe which person ‘you wait to meet‘ that’s me