“For” -○5○

and maybe we were in of it, for real

I was sleeping

the answer will be in our eyes. It will be just necessary to touch us one of another to find it

That’s how

I would like pass the very first moments with you. Eyes in eyes and we begining to talk about everything we want. Your glance into mine, and the words comes out freely. You close to me, you taking my hand sweetly, and i dont realizing it. While in the air, ours lights melting one in… Continue reading That’s how

How does is

We are get connecting eachother, in this moment

How it could be possible??

Another time i heard you inside of me and then i checked you was there. It says the number tree is the perfect number for everything. And now i confirm we have an our own connection. Everytime i have my own sensation you are around the corner. I just didnt wanted believe it. But it… Continue reading How it could be possible??