Our little


Connection is begining. I feel it.What do you try to tell me. I feel you have read my last open letter. I feel you embrace me from behind. Our connection from a little of time begins so. I feel you come slowly  and suddenly i feel your arms around me and you kiss me softly. And softly you turn me and we are in front one of another. You smile me, touching my face and with the other hand you approach me to you and our bodies touch themselves. In that touch our parallel world explodes arounds us and all around disappears and we exist only us. You look at me, i place my hand on your chest, while you caressing my skin. I dive myself in your eyes. Despite our distance, here i feel your closeness. Our connection is always present, but i feel it lighter. But it’s normal in this period. But when we get connect, our parallel world is stronger than ever. When each of us, whisper our names something turns on and we feel us. As now, i feel you, as if you are here, by my side. In these days my thoughts are toward to you in each existing form. But when i feel my head and stomach are fight to dont drive crazy, i know, in some ways, we are connecting. It’s strange how i feel, you’re torn from me, but your desire is to stay with me, for a while, in our parallel world, so embraced one in another. Our connection is a break from little things that you must do inevitably. But as you have told me, our connection will exists, till there will be our parallel world. In this moment my head is exploding and vise in stomach get stronger and stronger. If i close my eyes, and i take the usual deep breath, i feel your embrace, and your arms that hold me tight. ‘How much i need you in this moment’ i whisper. I smile. I shake my head, i close again my eyes. When i’ve whispered that phrase, your closeness is became persistent. Now you’re here, as if you hold my hand.  How is it all possible? I close the eyes and i take a deep breath.



That’s how


I would like pass the very first moments with you. Eyes in eyes and we begining to talk about everything we want. Your glance into mine, and the words comes out freely. You close to me, you taking my hand sweetly, and i dont realizing it. While in the air, ours lights melting one in another, our parallel world, begins to be our reality. You look at me, while we talk. While you ask me some questions about me, i see your hand on mine, and some tears falls down from my face. For the first time i realizing that’s happening for real. You looking at me, you take my hand, and our world it’s like always we  imagined it. Our mind were always been connected, since last december, And what which we felt it was real. My emotions overwhelm me. You didn’t taking off eye on me. Your eyes says me everything i want to know. You hold me tight my hand. Our fingers cross. For a while we look at our hands and right after we look at us one in another. ‘I’ve waited for long time, this moment’ you say me, taking my face and you  approaching to me, your skin touch mine. It’s so soft. A moment suspended. Our glances says us what which we feel, then so slowly, you begin touch on my lips and sweetly that touch it transforms in a kiss. And slowly we dissappear in our lights.


I didnt wait

0_lmcm_differenzafor long to hear what you tried to say me earlier. Now i smiling, looking at yours wonderful eyes. Now you are smiling also to me, wherever you are and whatever you doing i feeling you look at up at the sky and what i hearing is just you whispering my name. I closing my eyes for a while and right after you are in front of me. Suddendly we are in ours parellel world. Slowly you take my hands to your chest. For a while i remain speechless. I try to say something, but i cant. What you are doing in this hours is the same im doing here. We are throwing behind the shoulders pieces of ours lived lives to goes on, we are doing at the same time. What you showed me is just a little part of your life, but what i understood is big.
I still cant believe how is bigger ours connection. Neither we met us, but in someways, you and me are connected. I remain still speechless, how it’s all that has began.
Im sure you read something i wrote directly to you. Im sure some specific yours replies were directed to me. But i didnt never imagined all that. Is this open diary the right path to meet us? I dont know, but what i feeling is stronger everyday and what you whisper me everyday inside me, it’s what you do few hours after. Ours parellel world does really exists? We are really connected.
I don’t want drive crazy. But it’s  just what has happening among us. A real connection.


In these


Eyes i lost myself and i could remain to look at them with no bore myself ever.
Also now i feel you so close to me. Your mind has called mine and if  i close my eyes just for a while and i take a deep breath i feel your hand on mine and your glance into mine. That white shirt you have on… i can smell your skin. With no any words you know how drives me crazy. My hand slide in to your shoulder trought your shirt and it slowly falls down over yours arms. We breathless enter in ours parellel world, and there ours glances is the only thing it counts. Eyes in eyes, hands in hands skin to skin. Slowly we melting us. Just  few whispers in which we say us ‘how much we need of us ‘.

Just when i feel you close to me, by my side im feel so in a peaceful place, when i feel you next to me, i feel you do the same. And ours parellel world unites us more than before. And in someways you know it… you feel  it, as i feel. Dont know when and above all how, but one day we meet us eachother and in that moment we will know it has been ours world… just a whisper from me in your ear ‘How i much i need you in this moment… im calling you, do your hear me?’


It’s incredible

lowdown_fortethat from the other day, you whisper me what you told me, i feel you here next to me. I can feel you. You whisper my name continously and my heart beats like a crazy one. I feel you embrace me from behind and you kiss my neck. I feel that shirt on my skin. It’s so soft, as yours hands turns me. And now we are in front. You take my face in your hands. You take your forehead close mine. The only thing we can see are ours glances and slowly we open the gates of ours parellel world. I close my eyes for a while. I take a long breath and i smell your skin. Your shirt is voluptously untied and my hand slide in and i touch on your bare chest. You let me do it, with no add any words. You look at me. The shirt falls down on the floor. Both we remain speechless, breathless. We look at us with the most deepest glance. For a while we remain with no do anything, Just eyes in eyes. Few istants in this way, then a whisper from you, while i closing my eyes, ‘I need you’. Right after i open them and i take your face in my hands. Glances into glances and another whisper ‘ I love you. I’ll be always here’.


You by

jacketmicheal_fortelMy side, and it’s incredible today how i feel you so close to me. I must to start to write what i felt if not i became crazy… it was like a blow in my stomach. I know it’s a strange feeling but i know that’s ours feeling. Ours minds, but above all are ours souls getting connect eachother and like crazy we enter in ours parellel world. If i didnt began to write here i did believe to become crazy. How i feel you so close to me. I close my eyes and i feel your soul, your heart beats likes mine. So faster and i can feel you so close me at point to to feel your breath on my skin. Oh my. I close my eyes and i see you next to me. Your hand on my leg and i take it with mine. Your soft skin. ‘Your skin’ i whisper you. Your glance is so languid and it says just one thing:’I need your lips, kiss me’. For a while my glance is into yours, but right after you come closer to me and  begin to taste so slowly my lips, and i melt myself. Your kiss is one of the most sexiest and sweetest kiss you gave me till now. You kissing me yet. Breathless, my heart explodes inside. My feelings drives me crazy. You drive me crazy. Still kissing me, i touch your face so slowly and i understand, ours souls melting eachother in the sweetest way, becoming one soul. What feeling i feel in this moment. One of the strongest i felt till now. From ours connection has began, i’m sure you feel the same, whatever you doing. I’m sure you stopped yourself to think to me. You looked at up the sky and you whispered my name, and i felt you.

That’s how’it works ours connection.


You came

bluebill_forteTo me, by my side and gently you woke me up. I dreamt about you also in those few istants on the couch. You did like something i did. But it was a big suprise that i forget what was it. Maybe ours lives reaches themselve, more faster than i could imagine. Or is it another sign, that you take a look on me, whatever i do, and the connection i feel is more real than ever, and it’s really you’re close to me, despite i dont know where are you. And when i feel inside of me that warm feeling, it’s the certain of your being next to me. That ours minds are really connected eachother, and what i feel are ours souls melting eachother and we enter in ours parallel world. That world unites us in someways, we still dont completly, understand. But we uderstand it when we close ours eyes and we feel we take ours hands and in the exact moment we touch us, we open them and we are there. You and me in front. Your glance in mine. Your colorful eyes hypnotize me. I remain imobilìzed, breathless speechless Your eyes are my world. I could to look at you without bore myself ever. If i close my eyes right now i can feel your soul, your heart your warm light into mine, and my heart for a while, it stop. I can feel you. I feel your glance on me. Arounds me and your hands touch on me gently. Ours minds get connecting eachother. I feel you and you feel me.
This energy is called Ours Parallel World.

Taking breath

australiafox_forteiI close my eyes, and my lights reaches to you. For a while you seem, breathless. You’re attracted by my lights. You, also can hear my whisper in them. I’m calling you and this music we are listening to, despite ours distance, make us closer more than ever. My lights attracting you. And now my mind, my heart, my soul are towards you. In the distance i feel you coming to me, and at the same time we close ours eyes, while ours lights melting eachother. Ours istinct tell us to open ours eyes and now we’re in front of eachother, in ours parellel world . Your glance in mine and you smile at me with your ‘special smile’, and i drive crazy for it. You know it. Your remain in this way for a while. Eyes in eyes. You make me blush. I feel my face becoming all red. You smile at me and you whisper me ‘I love your genuineness’. I look down, but you take my face and once again your glance in mine. My face is in your hands, your soflt hands. and me too i take your hands, we look at us eachother, with no add any words, we kiss us in a sweetly way.


I calling you


And i begin to feel you. You look at me this way. By my side and i close my eyes and suddendly i feel your hand that takes mine. Your skin is so soft and you whisper me ‘Look, im here’. Your hand still hold mine and i want to stay in this way. Our eyes in eachother. My breath makes faster. Ours parellel world waits for us. For a while in silence, we smiles eachother. And right after we enter in ours magic world. Where a moltitude of colors around us and a warms it welcomes us. You take my hand to your chest and i touch on trought the white silky shirt you have on. Closing my eyes i hear your heart beats so fast like a crazy one. I look at you in silence. Ours glances meets eachother. Breathless i can feel your desire. It’s like mine. We want kiss us. But we still waiting for. We look at up at the sky and we see ours souls melting eachother so slowly.A moltitude of colors dancing together. And just to the end where in ours parellel world we just exist us. We look at eachother and so slowly, kindly, softly, we take us ours faces in ours hands and we approaches us eachother. A while in suspension, that it seems eternity, we look at us eachother, mentioning us eachother a smile. Then ours lips meets ours souls and together, we explodes us in ours love.


I still

mlukenForteImagined you and me. We still talk. Now in ours parellel world. Both we have a lot to tell eachother. And with no suprise we know everything what we have in ours minds, how we thinking and now we have no further doubts that ours bond is ours sensibility. You talk to me about you and i talking to you about me. We tell us some of ours bottoms thoughts and desires we didnt say to anyone. We talk about us eachother so freely that we are suprising us eachother about what we listen to. Things neither me nor you knew could tell. For a while we look at us eachother, eyes in eyes and you take my hand and with no any spoken word, you kiss me kindly. I close my eyes and i touch your face. Right after i open them and you are still close to me. In this istant i dive myself in yours eyes. We remain in this way for long time. You whisper me ‘So, in this way, remain like this’. Forehead to forehead, eyes in eyes, hands on ours faces and a succession of little kisses  crown this magic moment of tenderness.  You and me. In this way.