Our little

Our connection from a little of time begins so

That’s how

I would like pass the very first moments with you. Eyes in eyes and we begining to talk about everything we want. Your glance into mine, and the words comes out freely. You close to me, you taking my hand sweetly, and i dont realizing it. While in the air, ours lights melting one in… Continue reading That’s how

I didnt wait

it's what you do few hours after

In these

one day we meet us eachother and in that moment we will know it has been ours world

It’s incredible

Glances into glances and another whisper

You by

How i would like to be by your side, to hold your hand and look at your eyes.

You came

Ours Parellel World

Taking breath

You're attracted by my lights

I calling you

Your hand still hold mine and i want to stay in this way

I still

a succession of little kisses