“We were

Contemplated us, while we looking for to enter in the mind one of the other. To finding to understand which kind of magic connection there was between us and the stones. Because there was. You gently, while i was leaned on your chest, by now, i was dived in that world, from where i wouldnt have be never awaken, have whispered me ‘Tell me your story’.
micheal638x425This your demand, made me feel a little embarassed. ‘From where can i start?’
I placed myself in front of you, face to face. I have started, while you was looking at me sweetly, and sweetly you was smiling me. While i have took a deep breath, you have had took my hand and you have placed it on your legs, holding it in yours.
‘Maybe, as you have noticed in the bar, i’m a solitary girl. I love much to observe the human being, and learning from it, from what i see, from what i listen to. Then i collect all this and i begin to write what i feel. But from when i’ve known…’
In that moment i’ve stopped myself and i’ve blushed, and i’ve turned my looks to another part, while i was feeling your hands hold tight mine. You have continued what which i wanted say. ‘From when you have known «Him»…something has changed, isnt?’
I was dying inside, i wanted escape. I wanted run away faster than ever, but you was there, by my side, and our fingers were crossed. You have stared at me for a little bit, then you have said me ‘It’s ok, if you dont want, maybe i didnt have must demanded you this.’ I was diving in your eyes. ‘It’s just that…’ This my phrase was remained sospended in the air, till you have asked me ‘Where does come from your love for the our stones in common?’. We were looked at us deeply, while i didnt realize that i was approaching to you, placing slowly, my hand on your chest.
‘I’ve started to studied them long time ago…’ and i’ve told you that since i was a child i had some perceptions that in the future they would became true and that i was always affascinated by the magic, and that i’ve ever thought that the «stones», were really magic. Each time i’ve made the reading, they said me the truth.”


⇐“You was

“You seemed ⇒

I here, you there

lukemoltiplica0044But our connection get us closer, and now i must to close my eyes, to feel your embrace and we enter in our parallel world so, while our feelings transforms themselves in our floating lights. That’s enough to look at up to the sky and whisper our names and all around us disappears, while i close my eyes for a second your hands hold my hips from behind. I keep my eyes closed, while i feel you turn in front of me. You  sweetly take my hand, you hold it. I feel your hips, then your chest. You’re in front of me. ‘Look at me’ you whisper me. Slowly i open  my eyes. Already, you are looking at me deeply. That glance that makes me drives crazy. My heart begin runs. My thoughts turn round and they wont stops. My head and my stomach exploding at the same time. Now our connection is strong. We both feel something. I here, and you there on other side of the planet. What we feel are two t-shirt touching. I feel your hands hold tight my hips. Sweetly you hold me more tight, and you lift me over you. I feel your strenght. You leave me breathless. In that istant i can feel what is your desire. While, slowly, you make me slide on your body, my heart stops and i feel our connectiong is going beyond. Face to face, our parallel world says us how close we are. We both feel it. We feel us, one of another, in a such way that we are speechless. We dont take off our eyes one from another, without say nothing. To talk it would be too much. I feel you here, by my side and you feel me next to you.  We are looking at us, one in another, touching us sweetly, so. This our connection.



00323fortebegining to call me, i feel you. But to be sincere i didnt stop to feel you close to me from before. You sorrounded me. But now im here in front of you, in front of this pc screen, and my mind is toward to you our connection is stronger. I looking at you. In these eyes i can see our parallel world and i see you stretch your arms to take mine to get in together. My breath make faster til i remain breathless watching to you. I must to close my eyes to dont drive crazy for what i feeling right now, i’m in front of you. Your glance into my eyes. You come closer to me. I can feel your breath too. I cant stop to look at you, my thoughts fly away. With no add any words, you understand everything. You taking my face in your hands. Face to face, we touch ours skin and for magic and so slowly, ours lips touch on eachother. A kiss soft like a veil. Ours lips barely touches. Little infinite kisses. Right after we look at us. My hand touches your face, it caress it, till reach your skin mole, and you do the same with mine. We stay in this way for a long moment. In front of us, what we feel and we see, are our lights melting. From ours bodies begins a lights dance that arounds us. What we feel is absolutely unique. Ours warm made by all ours feelings. An emotional twirl. A moltitude of colored feelings. And this continuos flow of energy trought ours minds. An exhange of emotional flows is what we feeling when we connect us.


I feel you


So close to me. When i feel you in this way i must let you know it. And the only way i know is this. Writing in this my open diary. Let you know how i feel but i’m sure you know it, beacause i’m sure you feel the same. I feel you by my side. Ours connections is so stronger. I dont need neither to take a long breath, if i close my eyes, i can see you in front of me. Your glance into my eyes, and i speechless. I feel your hands on me. And mine on your chest, trought this white shirt. You take my hand, in silence, you put it in.  Slowly my hand slide into your chest. The shirt slowly falls down. We both speechless.. We close ours eyes and we right after we are in ours parellel world. I smell your skin and we look at us into ours eyes. Your whisper ‘I just needed of you’. I take your face, ‘When you need me, just you whisper my name, i will feel you’. That’s has happened. We feel us,  despite ours distance. That’s how does works our connection.
I close my eyes and i feel you taking my hands, then my face. Face to face we look at us. A whisper ‘I need you… i want you close to me’.  I feel inside something will happens real soon. Ours connection does works in this way. I will wait for it. You try to say me something. I will waiting for your signals. In meawhile you’re so close to me. Your glance drives me crazy, you know it. My heart beats faster, and im sure also yours. Whatever you do now, im sure yours thoughts are towards me, like mine and like two forces meets eachother, in the sky, our lights melting.
What you try to say me i will wait for it, and i will get it trought your signals you will send to me. I feel you next to me, so close.



scrambled_chiarof93i’m feeling right now? Just yours gentilness of yours lips on my mouth. Yours lips so soft and you leave me feel breathless. Your glance just for me, I feel yours arms arounds me. Your whisper ‘close your eyes’ leave me breathless and in the same time you close my eyes and you take my hand to your chest. I feel you take a deep breath. What  I feel is the same. At the same time. You touching my face so gently and i open my eyes and ours parellel world is there. And there we look at us, like we did never looked at us before. in ours eyes ours lights dancing melting . We feel it. Eyes in eyes, we see this dance that it sorrounds us. And once again your lips approaches to mine and you give me little kisses. ‘That’s i really need in this moment’ i say you in a whisper and you smile to me with all your kindness, i drive crazy for it, and you know it. Face to face, hands on faces and eyes in eyes, we take flight. Ours souls melting. We feeling it, despite ours distance. We feel this warm inside of us. We dont need any explication. Are us.


Also today

bee_luceforte_02dI feel you in a way that i cant explain, but i know it’s you calling me. And i  closing my eyes and you taking my hands and slowly we enter in ours parellel world. There you can say me everything you want. What are your thoughts in these hours. I feel you how you feel. Dont be afraid, just taking my hands and looking at me. I can see your soul and what are yours feeling. In these hours, in these days, i feeling you so close to me, more than ever. And you feel the same. Ours connection is bigger than before, we are realizing it just in these few hours. We are so far from eachother, but in someways, ours distance is ours thin rope that unites us so strong. I must to take a deep breath and close my eyes to realizing all that has happening among us. I feel you next to me, you smile to me and your glance is just for me. You know it drives me crazy for and you dont stop to look at me in your own way. Slowly you approach me and face to face, you whisper me ‘I need you more than ever, stay with me’. I caress your face, and you taking my hand. Eyes in eyes. With no add any words, slowly we touch us and we melting us in a kiss soft as velvet.


You in this way

stage_sommanYou know make me drive crazy. Just looking at you with yours eyes closed you transporting me in ours parellel world i hear you while you whispering me sweet words, turning me around me, while i look at you speechless, breathless, hearing your voice and my hands touches you gently. You stop yourself in front of me. For the first time i see your eyes in mine and with just your glance you leave me breathless. Your eyes are the most beautiful thing in ours parellel world i see. And i take your face in my hand. You let me reach to your skin mole with my finger. I see all the magic of you in it. Throught it i feel your heart, see your soul and everything wonderful you have in. You take my hand and begin to kiss it softly.  I remain hypnotized by your slow moves on me, on my skin. And my eyes are into yours. Few words in few whispers arounds us. Til to the end we look at us eachother without says any further words. Unawareness makes we close to us and face to face finally a lips touch. A kiss.