Eyes in eyes

And our parallel world explodes. As if we are in front, really. And our lights begins to floats arounds us. I know, you have somehing more to say me, maybe in a whisper. I look at you, and i cant hold my emotions, what im feeling is bigger than me and this flow that come… Continue reading Eyes in eyes

That’s how

I would like pass the very first moments with you. Eyes in eyes and we begining to talk about everything we want. Your glance into mine, and the words comes out freely. You close to me, you taking my hand sweetly, and i dont realizing it. While in the air, ours lights melting one in… Continue reading That’s how

Aint strange

It's inexplicable, it's just ours

I’m back

In the air a whisper

Take me

a spectacular slow game of lights

I feeling

What we feelings right now is just ours freedom to love us

It’s incredible

Glances into glances and another whisper

Always you are

i say myself 'take a long breath', but as always you leave me  speechless. Once again you did it

In those eyes

I know it's just comes from you

If with those eyes

In your eyes i can see something real magic and it's ours lights melting eachother, and what we feelings goes beyond love. 

I still

a succession of little kisses

Your look

It makes me feel ALIVE inside


i can see you coming to me. And i can hear you whisper 'I'm sorry, for what you felt last night'.

You know

Tell me everything you want to, i will do the same