bass_fortee7You again. i feel you so close to me. I feel your hand on my shoulder, and your glance just for me, and my dancing butterflies dances their own dance. I feel you your closeness despite your distance. And how i love this feelings when my heart and my soul are next to you. I hear your heartbeat it’s like mine. It beats so faster when ours minds are get connect eachother and we enter in ours parellel world at the same time. In your glance i see myself by your side and you embrace me so tight. And when i look at your eyes i see my soul reflects in it and you can see so clearly what are mine feelings for you. And you know they are so strong. When you look at me in this way i can just dive myself and what i waiting for is just a kiss of you and you drive me crazy.
I dont know explain with other words, but when i feel you close to me, by my side, everything else dissappears. And you make me feel Alive more than ever.
I would like let you know what im feeling when i feel you close to me. Just this. It’s an inexplicable thing what i feel when i feel you so close to me, inside of me. you exhaust me, butĀ  i LOVE this feeling. Dont stop. Please continue. You make me feel so Alive.


And still

andrewmurray_forteeI feel ours connection, it feel like an eletric discharge in all my body, but above all in my heart and in my head and in my mind. And i just cant believe, from yesterday to today, also if i’m the only person, who noticed, you was online. And also if you have had some troubles, maybe you’ve read my little advices: close yours eyes and take a long breath. I’ve imagined i was next to you and close to my eyes at the same time with you. Together we were enter in ours parellel world. And there you calm down yourself. Just closing your eyes and feel me that i took your hand. With your eyes still closed you mentioned me a shy smile. I seen your glance and i’ve touched so soft your skin. Taking your hand in mine, i whisper you to open your eyes, and you do it. Slowly ours glances meet eachother and in ours parellel world everything suddendly dissappears. We are just us. You and me. What we feelĀ  is the same eletric discharge in all your body, you feel the same, above all in your heart, in your soul and on your mind. This eletric discharge link us eachother so stronger than ever. And if also we’re so far it’s that unites us eachother. And i love it when it’s so stronger like now. I can feel you so next to me, by my side. And your smile it assures me so.


In those eyes


I just see ours parellel world and ours souls can dance together melting eachother. In those eyes i just see peace and serenity and when you look at me my thoughts are just for you. And everything around me dissappears and when you take my hand i dive myself in your eyes and ours parellel world becomes true. All colors of the rainbow dances around us. While you whisper me ‘Look up at the sky’, you show me ours lights dancing together. I see you, you look at me and your glance is smiling. And i feel something warm inside of me. I know it’s just comes from you. I turn myself to you, and with no any words i touch on your face with a finger. In silence i touch on your skin mole then your lips.
Those eyes still looking at me and we remain speechless in this way for long time. Eyes in eyes. Between us a color dance is being done. Ours souls lights melting eachother.