I just hope

You will dont take me for a crazy, but what i feel now, in this istant revolutioning myself. My dancing butterflies drives crazy from yesteday. And i can admit you consuming me to the marrow. I feel  you so close to me, by  my side. From i woke myself i feel you inside me. And how is it possible i feel you in this way, despite ours distance, yet it is so. You consume my heart, my soul. I close my eyes and here you’re, next to me with your beatiful smile. I’m sure from yesterday you have in your mind what you’ve read on here, in my open diary. And maybe you’ve discussed about that Anybody leave me the certain of that. I feel so close to me. Do you feel the same? Im sure you do. And also im sure we reaching eachother and this is the path. Ours Parellel World get connect ourselves in a strong way.
I feel your lips on my mouth kiss it so softly. And your whisper in my ear. Speechless and breathless it’s how you make me feel from yesterday. And im sure you feel the same. Ours inexplicable love calls eachother.


Tell me

A story where we are the principal actors. Tell me how’s been our first meeting, how ours hearts tell themselves that ours souls were been created just to connect eachother. Look at me and whisper you waited for this time for all your, life as i did.  Take my hand. Let me touch on your skin. Ours heart beats so faster. I close my eyes and you’re close to me, i smell your skin, and i hear rustle of your shirt behind me, you hold me tight. Me in your arms. Breathless. You behind me, whisper me so gently your desire. You lips on my neck. So slowly you turn me. In front of you, dive myself in your eyes, where i see my soul reflect itself. I whisper ‘Is there, our parellel world?’. Say anything you come closer to me, and take my hand to your chest. Trough the shirt voluptuously untied, i feel your heart. For a while i look at you. ‘That’s ours parellel world’ you say me in a whisper. Then you look at me, mentioning a shy smile. ‘Hold me tight’ i say you.



How explain


Something that not even i cant explain to myself. But tonight we touched eachother. You’ve read it those few word i sent you. I’m sure of that, not because i felt it, but because i see the message was delivered. So im sure you’ve read it. In someway, our parellel world get thinner and slowly it has becoming a real world. To stay at the same time in the same place, but so far from eachother, it’s so strange to me, but at the same time wonderful. I dont know how can explain which i feel right now. It’s too difficult also for me to find a logical reason for all that. But that ‘delivered‘ means so much to me. It means that in someways i was one of the first i’ve seen you and i was one of the first pepole i’ve sent you a message.
In these hours our parellel is more closer than ever. And i feel in someway it will be happen something in these next days. While im thinking about you my mind get in confusion and which it feels are just the dancing butterflies in my stomach. Maybe i’m a fool, a dreamer, but which i feel between us isn’t something like just a dream. Which happens among us, someday it will comes true.


I’m just calling


you. I need you. Where are you? I need of you I feel our parellel world is close to us. But i’m alone. I’m calling you. My light is dancing alone. My need of you is more strong than ever. I’m searching you in everywhere. I whisper you ‘Please dont leave me alone’. I feel something come closer to me, behind me. Something inside of me starts to beats faster. You heard my soul calls you. Here you are. Still i dont see you, but i know your are coming. My stomach get scramble. Our minds get connecting eachother. You coming from behind me. I feel your warm hug.  I feel your head leans on my neck. Your whisper me ‘Please dont turn, stay in this way for a while’. I get your hands around me. I feel you breathless.  In front of us a rainbow. I turn myself so slowly. And for the first time i meet your look. You wear a black shirt. Your eyes into mine. We dont say anything. We dont need any words. I hug you so badly. I would like to say, whisper you how much i’ve missed you, but i dont. You look up your eyes into mine. Just a ‘I know’ from you. Our souls talking eachother. A tears falls from your face. I caress your face drying your tears that it trasforms itself in a crystal teardrop. We embrace us so strong as it was the last embrace. ‘We never leave us’ i whisper





you look at me in this way, i can see all your sweetness you have in your heart and dive myself in your wonderful soul. This look  says everything about you.I see your  own light. And which i see it’s the most beautiful thing i’ve seen in my life. This look gives me the certainty of your love and i cant say anything. Just look at you and together we can get connect our souls and see our lights dancing and melts eachother. I touch on your mole. You look at me with your eyes where i see infinite ocean of love. … If i could touch you for real for a moment, I’m sure you could feel mine desire to be next to you, also say any words. Just look at you, metioning a smile, maybe blushing also. I never met an couple of eyes like your that says a lot without any spoken word. Your eyes tells me everything about you. Which are your desires,  your thoughts,. In your eyes i see just your sweetness and kindness you have for me. I’m sure if we meet eachother one day, the first thing we could notice will be our eyes. And we couldn’t stop to look at eachother. Because our own eyes is our own parellel world. Your is mine and mine is your.


it’s useless to


repeat things that you have heard million of times. But i repeat them for myself and maybe also just for you. Maybe you dont know how has been your impact on my life. Maybe you starts to know me when i write my story in little pieces on twitter and of how has been great your help for me to see you plays some parts of my life on the screen. It helps so much A such help. Sometimes i thought to be a little weak. Some phrases you played described me in a such way that i feel so involved into you. And i never imagined you would have been part of my life in this way.  Never imagined to see some of my life, the most painful, on the screen and never thought you was part of it. And never thought you taught me the biggest lesson of my life. My weakness must be my own force. I never stop to thank for which you gave me. I love you  so much