“In that

Moment the only thing we wanted to do was, relaxed ourselves on the sofa. Embraced. But none of us wanted make the first move. The atmosphere was still floating. Yes, sure, we were on the sofa, we sweetly, still looking at us, smiling, and sometimes nervously laughing.
What was happened few istants early, has been so suddenly, but also so magic and your sweetness filled my heart.
Slowly, you have lean your back on the sofa, while i was still on the bord of the sofa. I was looking at you stunned. But with a little gesture of your hand, you have invited me to relax next to you. That’s what i did. I was sit next to you. You have placed your arm over my shoulder, and without realizing, i have placed my head and my hand on your chest.
We were remain so, in silence for a little bit.
My eyes was looking at what was around us.
In front of us, there was a black wooden furniture, where there was your stereo and all your cds. There was also a record player.
But what that have impressed me, were been the little objects, to me so familar, on the  shelf over the stereo. I have smile maliciously.  I was looking at them, while i was hearing your heart beats.
‘What are you thinking?’ You have asked me, almost whispering, having fear to break the magic.  ‘To all of this… to what has happened… to you’. Was my sweet reply, While we were still embraced, and i stlil, sweetly, was caressing, your chest, trough the shirt you had on. While i was stare at these little magic objects.”



“We were ⇒

Take me

books_chiari4to ours parellel world, where we can stay in this way, embraced tight and your glance drives me crazy, like your little kisses and your hands over me. Where my hands can slide in your shirt freely and i can  touch on your soft skin of your bare chest and that little rustle, it make me blushing, seeing that shirt falls down over yours shoulders til reaches to your arms and it stops there.
You just looking at me, leaving me speechless. I feel your heart beats so fast. You turn around me. You’re behind me. A whisper. I close my eyes. A touch. Your hand on my neck and suddendly your lips. A thrill. Always with eyes closed, slowly you turn me round, in front of you. Eyes in eyes, we look at us deeply. We both remain breathless. You have on still that shirt over your arms, slowly i take it, and i smell it then i make it falls down on the floor. Your smell drives me crazy. We dont say any words. What we would like to say us is on ours glances. The words are wasted breath. In ours glances we see ours lights dancing, melting and what we feeling are just ours souls melting eachother. Hands in hands, eyes in eyes, in front of us what we see is a spectacular slow game of lights. A whisper from you ‘Look, what we are’. And right after again we look at us, like it was the first time. We surprising us what we feeling.


You & me

Aurores boréales - Norvège

I just need to look at you and i feeling good. You make me smile with nothing. Your eyes has the rainbow inside and i can see it when you smile to me. Just which i feel standing by your side is a wonderful sensation and it’s just magic. I look at you and i get in our parellel world with you. And just which we feel is just our kind of love that we just feel for eachother. A kind of love that opens ours minds, our heart in another level of connection. While we get connect ourselves, we feel ours souls meltin themselves and which we feel our heartbeats becoming so faster. I see my soul into yours, your heart into mine. And i can smell your skin. Your hands on my body. You touch on my legs scars with your fingers. I remain breathless. ‘Let me see your eyes’ i whisper. So slowly look up at me and take my hand to your chest. Your heart seems explodes inside of you. A whisper ‘I get what you’ve face up to’.  I caress your face saying any words, just a tear falls from my face.  Your finger on my face. Then you hold me tight and we stay in this way. Embraced eachother. No other word.

We could stay

to talk for hours about our own life experiences, then we can look at eachother into our eyes, saying anything but to get through and through which are our own feeling. We could stay together. You and me alone embraced and to talk about our lives and how we helps ourselves, also we are so far from eachother. I could talk about how much you helped me to go trough my many difficulties and you with no problems, get everything i say.
Everytime you post something, i get something about you, about sensibility. and how we resemble eachother. How our sensibility brings us closer.
I would like to let you know how much i feel you close to me, also under this character appearance.
Which i can say you now is ‘I Love You


You arrives


Like this, and as a ray of sun you make feel happy like a child.
As i told you many times, you’re the only person in this period of my life i really would have  close to me. You make me feel so happy also just with a smile like this one. And our feelings are so close eachother, also we living so far.
I still suprise myself how i can ‘hear’ your closiness to me just toward myself to you.
And suprise myself, when i writing in this open diary,  our minds, but above all our souls get connecting eachother.
Like this aftenoon, while i was sleeping i heard you inside of me, just we can feel eachother. In our own way.
With this smile you can open my soul and you can see which is inside. If we would meet us, you can see with no shame all i get in. And all which you would see is all emotions i have for you. But above all Love, respect and grateful.

Just which i really i would like to do with you is to stay in silence, embraced to you, to listen to our souls melting eachother and to get that we are made to stay together.


Still dreaming about you….



and maybe im just living in a dream where does exist jus us. Maybe you want give me a little sign you are close to me and all that i’m feeling is the same for you. And say me our parellel world is more real than ever. Im dreamin all that. And I’m dreaming about you. I’m thinking of you more often than i can imagine. You’re always on my mind. My heart beats so fast when i thinking about you in these days. And i’m sure you want give me a sign you feel me more than ever. I’m feel you And i think ‘It cant be just a causality that it happens in these hours and i just i thinking about you’. Our parellel world is more close than before. Our connection is one of the strongest i heard in my heart. I Just want to say ‘I really miss you’ i would like to be embraced by you in this moment. I really need you.



Too many signals from you…



..and i got them. One by one. How i miss you?? So much my dude. Maybe someone tells me i’m a daydreamer, but i dont care. Because i know just you trust me. You trust in which i’m feeling right now. And what i’m feel is just you. You want to get connect with me. You’ve launched too many signals today. I feel you missing me as i do. But our connection is becoming so stronger each day we pass so far away from eachother. I feel you need of our parellel world as i do. I’ve smile for long time, since i’ve seen ‘that visualization’. Then you call me with your own way, and i got it immediately. I miss you so much. I miss of your look into mine. I need to hear your deep voice says, whispers my name. I need of our souls’ touch. I need of our tears. Of our hearts beats in unison. Need of our looks. We need to meet eachother. To feel our skin in an unique embrace that says everything we feel eachother. I hope, but i’m sure you feel me. Feel my need of you as i feel yours of mine. We’re so far away from eachother i’m sure in these moments we’re so closer than ever. Just in this way… embraced. I miss you.



That Kiss…


You look at me. Your smile. I’m drives crazy for your eyes. I’m smiling at you too. The happiness is the air. You look at me so strange. I’m softly laugh. Around us something new happening. Just you know what really happening. it’s your mind. You take my hand. Our parellel world looks differents. But it’s the same safe place where we get connected ourselves. I see our souls more connected than usual. Your look becomes more deepest into mine. In few instant our lips touch eachother in a kiss that we hardly forget. Your hands explores my body. I dont leave my look from you. You whisper me ‘Close your eyes’… I do breathless. Your lips start to kiss me so sweet my face… instead to give me wonderful kiss on my mouth you start to kiss my neck. You know it. I’m drive crazy for that kind of kiss. You kiss my neck so sweet. I can’t help to say ‘please continue… dont stop’. When you kiss my neck i’m literally in heaven. A heaven in our parellel world. We listen to this music and at same time we are come at the peak of our own pleasure. That kiss im dreaming about, maybe one day it could have happen. Our kiss. in our parellel world.




One of the most important person in my life… One of the most person i’ve missing in these hours. I dont know where are you. What are doing. But i’m sure we just connecting right now. My heart begins to beats faster than ever. Butterflies starts to fly in my stomach. Something happening in this right moment. A knot slowly melts and our souls get connected ourselves. Everytime it’s the same feeling. It’s a such great feeling. Our souls melts eachother. They becomes as liquid. I just need to see in your eyes to come in our parellel world. In these hours i just need to be embraced by you. You that still give me the strengt to goes on, to improvement myself in which i do everyday, here just in front of this screen. I would like to be close to you right now. Hear your voice. Feel your hands on my skin, your eyes on me. Your look blushes me. Your look that changes in ‘that look’ i know. Our silence that screams our passion. Our lips closer than ever. This moment. Our own kiss. Then we fly. Our souls melts eachother. Our love. Our parellel world… Just US.



Take me….


Where we can just be ourselves. Take me in our parellel world. Where just need to say how we missed eachtother everynight. And the only need we feel is to stay embraced. Also just listen to this music. Just to hear our breath. Look at us eachother. Just smile. Caressin our skin. Touch our lips. Sharing our own thoughts. What we feeling when we are not together. Our fears, our doubts. Dont be afraid. Here we’re in a safe place. Everything bad goes away, while we are in our parellel world. We are together.

Talk to me. I’m listening to you. I embrace you. Talk to me about your love. Our love. Our love lives in you look. ‘I love you and i will love you for ever’.