*I begin to smile and you’re coming to me. Ive checked ad you was there few minutes ago. I begin to believe for real there is something magic among us and ours minds hear themselves in their own way. And it’s fantastic the way you make feel. Im here in my bedroom, listen to this music that get eachother in ours parellel world. And i love when you look at me in this way, ready to whisper what are your desires leaving me breathless. I can confess you, since it has began this magic connection with you, i dont think anymore to anybody else. Just you. You fill my thoughts, with your feelings you make feel everyday. My heart beat so faster than ever. Sometimes i think it could be explodes for real. And when i feel you so close to me, getting together in ours world, one day when i will open my eyes i will see you next to me for real and you will take my face in your hands and with a whisper you will say ‘Finally, here we are’ looking at me’ And in front of eachother we look at ourselves and slowly really softly we kiss eachother