If i think

bkhll07_forteAbout what i’m feeling right now i think to drive crazy. What i see if i close my eyes, what smell i feeling in the air, and what my mind to who is connecting, but you know it already. Because this flowing of energies you have it too, right now in this moment. Sometimes is so strong that  is like your, my,  our souls leaving our bodies to reaching to the sky to melting together. And what we feel inside of us is like we missed the oxygen to breath, and what we must to do is only take a long breath and, despite our distance, and we enter together in our parallel world. Where we, in front of one another, looking at in our eyes, and without say anything we say everything only with our glances. If i think it has happening all that among us, i cant hold back my tears. Our feelings, emotion are the most big we ever felt.
I feeling your heart beating fast. I know, you looking at up the sky and  you whisper my name. I feel it, you know it. My heart beating like a crazy one, and despite our distance, here, in our parallel world we are in front and your eyes are in mine. My hand on your chest. Slowly, you approaching to me, and your lips caressing my mouth. Your hands taking my face. I remain hypnotized by your glance, breathless, and my breath becoming slowly faster. ‘You can take me off it’, and slowly you slide my hand in your shirt. Always more breathless i make slide it on your arms. And you’re in front of me, making me drive crazy. You restart to kiss me sweetly. Our souls melting  A whisper of you leave me speechless. ‘You’re the person i’ve always looking for, and now i’ve find you’


I’ve just

owen7scuro-1wrote that i didnt feel you close to me and suddendly,  you’re exploded in me, as bomb. Now i can feel you so close and you showed yourself for a second on twitter.
Now i have to realize, for real, there is something it goes beyond among us. And i cant help it. My soul call you now i know you can hear it for sure. Im speechless, breathless. My feelings drives crazy for this thing that has began, almost for to fill my days. Now i know it’s something more than a simple sensantions. I know i have had this kind of feelings since i was a child, but never they show themsleves in a strong way like they doing with you. I just ask myself ‘Do you feel the same?’. What i feeling in this moment is very strong and i think this kind of connection is among two people who does feels the same feeling at the same time. Now i dont flying just with my fantasies, but it’s something more REAL. My head explodes, full of strange questions. I trying to find some realistic answers to calm myself, but i dont find anything that can give me some real peace.
Those feelings i feel right now and you that knocks to my heart, my soul, my head with just your presence, by my side, it does thrills me. I have a just an anwser at many questions with no reply. Ours parellel world existes for real.


It’s in



this way… and that’s make me smile. And i drive crazy for that. We have a ‘special bond’ that unites us, since we met the first time and you have strengthened with your little gestures and i still cant believe has happened to me, but it did. And i metion a smile with you and we get connect eachother it’s a such beautiful thing we cant still explain eachother but it’s happens. Maybe you rembember about me. Maybe you had take a look at this ‘open diary’ i’ve dedicate to you. Maybe you have mentioned a smile to all that. I dont know. But i’m sure we have a ‘special bond’ that unites us. And i’m sure, while i’m writing to this ‘open diary’, i’m building a ‘bridge’ to reach to you. And i’m sure you’re happy that i do that thing. Those australian visualizations aren’t a case. I know, it’s you. And i still smile as you do.


Are we really



linked? I feel you right now, in my soul. My heart beats so fast. To no go crazy i’ve checked one thing…. and your was there.  Oh my god. Just two times in a day have i had the same feeling and you was there.  Are we really soul linked?  Im drive crazy for this. I feel you. Do you feel the same sensastion?  Please tell me also you do. My soul, my heart and now my mind goes crazy for this real thing. I thought it was just a desire of my soul to be close to you, but two same sensastions when you was online. The same sensastion you know perfectly, isnt could be a coincidence.  My stomach scrambled by our dancing butterflies and that feeling we having when we are so close on our parellel world. My mind let be free by everything and we  get  connected eachother. Tell me you have same sensation i having right now. Driving crazy for that.  I feel so close to me despite you’re so far from me. Tell you feel the same. Please let me you know it. I really need it.

I’m still feeling you….