As yesterday

I have felt you far, today your closeness is here, as a warm hug and our thoughts are meeting in the air. Me with my headphones and you with yours, we are listening the same melody that slowly, it makes meet us in our parallel world. Where  we in front, one to another, we asking… Continue reading As yesterday


I got your notification i still dreaming about you. My soul is smiling and now i feeling you. I dont know where are you but i feeling you close to me. My dancing butterflies are inside of me, therefore you are around the corner. I bet you checkin all comments and maybe you've read also… Continue reading Since….

Right now

  I just need of you. To dive myself into wonderful eyes and to mute everything around me. And slowly get together in our parellel world. Just to look into your eyes and find myself in your smile you have for me. These dancing lights take us in our world but everytime it's a different… Continue reading Right now

It seems ….

That everybody considers me 'special' but nobody wants me as  i would like to. Just you make me feel loved as i wish. I just need to look at you as i doing right now and all my desire as woman comes true. Just you make me feel loved as i wish. I just look… Continue reading It seems ….

You was online…

and i just hope my continuous notifications on twitter will not bore you. But i just hope you did read some of my thoughts about you and i just hope they did make you metion a smile. And i just hope one of these visualization from your Australia is your. I really hope you read… Continue reading You was online…

I see your light

get in me as a ray of sun as your smile when you see me i look at you and you metion at me that smile i drive crazy for. Your light is magic for me. Inside of it i see your soul. Which it tells i  love it. I would never stop to listen to… Continue reading I see your light

Still dreaming about you….

  and maybe im just living in a dream where does exist jus us. Maybe you want give me a little sign you are close to me and all that i'm feeling is the same for you. And say me our parellel world is more real than ever. Im dreamin all that. And I'm dreaming… Continue reading Still dreaming about you….

Dont be shy

about your love. Dont be shy for everything you feel for me as i am. Our love is one of purest. Our world is the most tangibile thing  that does exists. When you whisper me you want me i see your eyes and i see the truest love i ever seen in my life. So… Continue reading Dont be shy

Still thinking

  about you... and what happened between us today.  My dream about you and  me. The your little sign with your photo. My  emotions are stronger. I feel you in me more than before. I still dream about you with me. Your close eyes. Your whispers. Your breathless and mine in unison. Your flesh into… Continue reading Still thinking

I dreamt about you

tonight and then you posted this one. I think our parellel world is more closer than ever. I was think about you tonight. I dreamt we make love. The most sweetest love we made. You kissed me in our way. I was drive crazy for your lips on my breasts. Breathless. I think  we dont… Continue reading I dreamt about you

I see the sky….

and i see our parellel world. These lights dancing. I see you look at me. Whisper my name. Take my hand. We fly trought these lights. These colors takes us away from this world we dont need. We need just of our looks our eyes. Our souls. 'Which you need' you ask me. 'Your eyes,… Continue reading I see the sky….


  I see you smile, everything around me is more beautiful. You have the most beautiful soul i've seen before. Throught your smile i see your soul and it illuminates me. Your eyes speaks about your soul. And i love it everytime you look at me in this way. You have the sun inside. I… Continue reading Everytime….

I heard you ….

call me...almost i heard you screamed my name... My stomach began to scramble... and i know this was you... Your need to be close to me as i did in these istants. I was thinking about you so much. I felt you heard me. Our souls wanted to get connected eachother. I put my headphones… Continue reading I heard you ….

I see an universe …..

  In your eyes. An universe that has trasformed in our parellel world. Your light, has became mine. That mole is my own anchor where i can cling me when lost myself. Your eyes, our pirate ship. Our own world. I could remain to look at your eyes endlessly. They enclose everything it means a… Continue reading I see an universe …..