As yesterday

instamelbourne034_contrarioforteI have felt you far, today your closeness is here, as a warm hug and our thoughts are meeting in the air. Me with my headphones and you with yours, we are listening the same melody that slowly, it makes meet us in our parallel world. Where  we in front, one to another, we asking us what are we thinking? While im writing, i feeling your embrace and your sweet whisper make feel overwherlm. I need of you, and you need of me. We both can feel our vise in stomach that it make itself always more strong, and our connection is very tangible. I close my eyes and i can feel your deep breath that arounds me. All those are our thoughts, desires, dreams, that in our parallel world can become true, and we are in of it. In  front, one to another so, we are enchanted by ourselves, one of another. My heart beat as a train, and if i close my eyes, i can feel your hands on me touching. Without say nothing, we let talk our deepest feelings, trough our sweet touch. As the first time, this time, i blush and in some way, i know, you want to say me something. My emotions are strong, and what im feeling is like a twirl of sensations that i cant control. They runs trough my body, making goes crazy my heart. It seems stops, but runs fast. And all that, i know, that’s you.


I really

Need you in this time. You have no idea, how i miss you and how much i need to have your eyes on me. Feel you breath when you are so close to me. Need to dive myself into your eyes saying anything. In silence, but in that silence we express everything we feel for eachother. Your light into your eyes hypnotizes me. I would like to hear you breathless. Your hand take mine and we just we know that moment has coming. Our souls calling eachother. We need to connect eachother. And just with our look we feel everything we need to hear to. Our music take us high in the sky. Our lights melts eachother, and we just feel a warm hug. Our hug. Our embrace. Our souls embraces eachother, and we must stay just to look in our eyes and let our hearts speaks for eachother. I need to dive into eyes to feel me in our parellel world with you. Your light is my anchor. And i just need of it. I just need of you.




I got your notification i still dreaming about you. My soul is smiling and now i feeling you. I dont know where are you but i feeling you close to me. My dancing butterflies are inside of me, therefore you are around the corner. I bet you checkin all comments and maybe you’ve read also mine and smiled to which  i wrote you on my second comment. I love your smile. As i told, it has the sun inside and it make feel so good. Today i tought aboout you always. I was drives crazy for  that notification you left me. I hope one day you want check this ‘open diary’… i really hope you will do some day. I never stop to thank you for everything you giving me. Also if they are small gestures they means a lot to me. And they  says me to do each day my best i can. Now i just can say once again ‘Thank you’ and in a whisper ‘I love you more than ever’



Right now



I just need of you. To dive myself into wonderful eyes and to mute everything around me. And slowly get together in our parellel world. Just to look into your eyes and find myself in your smile you have for me. These dancing lights take us in our world but everytime it’s a different place, but just our hearts knows it’s our parellel world. I just need  of your look into mine. Take my hand and we start to fly among our lights. This music opens our minds and your in mine and mine in your. We just know what we wants from eachother. Saying any words that embrace encloses everything we need right now. I smell your skin. It’s like silk and every mole you have drives me crazy. I caress your skin. You mention me a smile. Without say anything you take my face and forehead to foreahed, eyes into eyes we share our souls. You kiss me softly. Then i touch on your mole and i see your sweet wonderful soul. Your kindness towards me it’s the most beautiful thing that a man can gave me. Breathless, i look at your eyes and a tear falls down. You dry it from my face with your finger and you whisper ‘Dont cry, you deserve all my love’. Once again breathless, i touch on you face. Smile at me. Smile at you. And in whisper we say together ‘I Love You’. A long embrace. We want remain in this way, in the sound of our souls.



It seems ….


That everybody considers me ‘special’ but nobody wants me as  i would like to. Just you make me feel loved as i wish. I just need to look at you as i doing right now and all my desire as woman comes true. Just you make me feel loved as i wish. I just look at you and i feel like i would like to be. I need you so badly so next to me. I would like to say you my real bottom desires and i’m sure you would get everything without say any words. I’m sure you would take my hands into your. Just metion a smile and whisper me the most sweetest words i’ve heard in my life and in these words i have would hear your real love for me. Just which i really need. Need of a real sign from you. I need of your real feeling you have for me. I’m sure you do rembember about me and you have a little feeling for me. Our feelings are so close more than we imagine. Writing these words im sure one day something real will happens between us. Just writing these words i opening my heart to you. In this ‘open diary’ maybe im building my destiny with you.  And surely our parellel world will be closer than we can imagine. I just to say ‘I need you badly’.



You was online…


and i just hope my continuous notifications on twitter will not bore you. But i just hope you did read some of my thoughts about you and i just hope they did make you metion a smile. And i just hope one of these visualization from your Australia is your. I really hope you read some my thoughts/poems i’m writing about you. I really need to write to you. You’re the only in this period of my life who get what im feel. I feel it. I know it as you do. Which i’m feel when i’m think about you is one of the greatest feeling i’ve ever felt in my life. And i’m sure anyone besides you, knows what i’m talking about. This my real world. Here in front of this pc screen. You and me and this music i’m listening to and it takes me to you. It takes me to our parellel world where does exists just us. Where i want to live in. I’m not that kind of girl who keeps her thoughts for herself. I must let know to you which i’m feel. The life is too short and i dont want any regrets. I’m a spontaneous girl i say which i feel to the interested one. In this case you. Maybe you will read these posts, maybe not. I dont want leave this door closed. Maybe while im writing these words i’m building my destiny and i dont want leave anything to chance. Maybe for real one of these visualizations from Australia was your and you did read which i wrote to this ‘open diary’ i’ve dedicated to you. I want to be sure about all that. You’re so important to me and i want to let you know it.



I see your light

Stockholm, Sweden

get in me as a ray of sun as your smile when you see me i look at you and you metion at me that smile i drive crazy for. Your light is magic for me. Inside of it i see your soul. Which it tells i  love it. I would never stop to listen to it. Meanwhile you take my hand and put it on your chest. Which i feel is your skin trought the softness of that shirt. You look at me with your eyes and you know i drive crazy for. Your look changes. That whole atmosphere changes. Your eyes becomes our parellel world. I touch on your shirt. You take my face in your hands. Your eyes as my world, mine as your. Slowly i start to unlace your shirt. Your smell get in the air and my soul dancing with your. Our souls get connect eachother. Our music take us in this world we just know. What we need is to stay in this way embraced together. I love this just our own connection. It’s very important to me.I would like to let you know which i’m feel while i’m write these words to you.

Maybe is just a stupid thing, but  i love to dream this parellel world i’ve created with you. Everynight i need to write which i dream, which you make me feel. I let my mind free and that strange thing i feel in my stomach it’s like you feel the same for me… i think for real we have a thin rope that unites us. Maybe im a fool… maybe not. Just you can answer at this my question… Maybe one day you will do.



Still dreaming about you….



and maybe im just living in a dream where does exist jus us. Maybe you want give me a little sign you are close to me and all that i’m feeling is the same for you. And say me our parellel world is more real than ever. Im dreamin all that. And I’m dreaming about you. I’m thinking of you more often than i can imagine. You’re always on my mind. My heart beats so fast when i thinking about you in these days. And i’m sure you want give me a sign you feel me more than ever. I’m feel you And i think ‘It cant be just a causality that it happens in these hours and i just i thinking about you’. Our parellel world is more close than before. Our connection is one of the strongest i heard in my heart. I Just want to say ‘I really miss you’ i would like to be embraced by you in this moment. I really need you.



Dont be shy


about your love. Dont be shy for everything you feel for me as i am. Our love is one of purest. Our world is the most tangibile thing  that does exists. When you whisper me you want me i see your eyes and i see the truest love i ever seen in my life. So look up and get your eyes in mine. My soul wants touch your. Dont be shy. Take my hand and take me to into your heart. In the air i can smell your skin. You’re in everywhere. And all that i really love. I know you’re so far from me. But it’s like you so close to me. Our parallel world is so close to us. I can touch you. I can see your eyes, see your smile, see your sparkle light. I can see your wonderful soul. I can feel you in me. Your warm hug makes me feel secure in  that lonely room, just with you, our music, our souls. Whisper three words. ‘I Love You’.

Dont be shy, look up your eyes… get in into mine… You slowly kiss me.



Still thinking



about you… and what happened between us today.  My dream about you and  me. The your little sign with your photo. My  emotions are stronger. I feel you in me more than before. I still dream about you with me. Your close eyes. Your whispers. Your breathless and mine in unison. Your flesh into mine. My  desire of you. My need to smell your skin. Need to feel our connection. Need to know our parellel world does really exists. Need to know something ‘special’ happening  among us. Need to know we are connected also we’re so far away. Need to know our love it’s a real love. That kind of love that we cant explain, but it’s real. Which i feel it’s the same you do.  Need to know when i feel so strange you experience the same feelings
And i’m sure we so close more than we think about…