What which

mikemc03forteiI feel when you’re close to me, despite i know where are you now, it’s an inexplcable feeling. I feel your closeness  make so strong, everytime my toughts are toward to you. And now i feel your next to me. What which i would like to is only to hug you and whisper you ‘How much i need you, how much i would like to be next to you’. And i’m sure, you can hear my thoughts, my feelings, and my emotions. You need to look at up the sky, and you can feel it. What i really need is to escape from this world, with you to enter in ours parallel world and stay with you, also without say nothing. I need to be embraced by you. Hearing your breath and dive myself in your eyes, what which i’m feel right now is the same you feeling, wherever you are and whatever you doing.  I close my eyes and what which i feeling is you.  You’re are with me. What which i feel is magnificient. And what which i’m feeling is only your presence by my side and that’s i really need it. Embrace me.


What i seeing

lmcm02_forteIn yours eyes is just a wonderful thing. What i feel when i dive myself in them i see  a moltitude of colors , but above all i see yours soul. Seeing your eyes, yours glance, what i see is just yours goodness, your kindness. And when i look at you i feel ours parellel world is so close to us.  What you want to say me with words, i can imagine it to looking at your eyes. I could stay for hours to admire you just dive myself in yours eyes. And there is nothing that it makes me changes my mind. Yours eyes are ours gates to ours parellel world. I love them so much. Looking at you, in yours eyes, i feel you. by my side. I feel your hands taking mine. I feel your soft skin. I see your smile just for me and you know, i drive crazy for it. In yours eyes i see all yours essence, and all i can is stay breathless, speechless. When you smile to me, what i see is the brightest sun i’ve ever seen in my life. You gave me, i do believe, the most happiest period of my life. Then when we began this ours own connection,  i have no words to explain how i feel myself. And can i confess you somehing; when in someways, i dont feel ours connection, i feel myself like lost. Now i’m used to this feeling that has began from last december, and it continues stronger.
You know what i feel for you it’s totally different from simple love. It’s a different matter. I know you know it, i feel it, you feeling it


In those eyes


I just see ours parellel world and ours souls can dance together melting eachother. In those eyes i just see peace and serenity and when you look at me my thoughts are just for you. And everything around me dissappears and when you take my hand i dive myself in your eyes and ours parellel world becomes true. All colors of the rainbow dances around us. While you whisper me ‘Look up at the sky’, you show me ours lights dancing together. I see you, you look at me and your glance is smiling. And i feel something warm inside of me. I know it’s just comes from you. I turn myself to you, and with no any words i touch on your face with a finger. In silence i touch on your skin mole then your lips.
Those eyes still looking at me and we remain speechless in this way for long time. Eyes in eyes. Between us a color dance is being done. Ours souls lights melting eachother.