I look at you

with the same eyes but also with the new ones. Our parellel world is so close than i could imagine. My dream could comes true one day if we just wanted it for real. I took your hand and in a whisper i told you everything i really wanted. Just a metion smile from you.… Continue reading I look at you

Here in my lonely

room and i look at you. I waiting for you. Wait for you listen to my soul calls your. Our dancing lights are in the sky. Look up your eyes and you can see them. That thin rope starts to unites our hearts. Starts to melt our souls in a dance we just feel in… Continue reading Here in my lonely

It seems ….

That everybody considers me 'special' but nobody wants me as  i would like to. Just you make me feel loved as i wish. I just need to look at you as i doing right now and all my desire as woman comes true. Just you make me feel loved as i wish. I just look… Continue reading It seems ….

You was online…

and i just hope my continuous notifications on twitter will not bore you. But i just hope you did read some of my thoughts about you and i just hope they did make you metion a smile. And i just hope one of these visualization from your Australia is your. I really hope you read… Continue reading You was online…

Did you rembember….

My name when you di put your like at my comment? What did you rembember about me? Which was your feel when you see my name. Did you rembember when you left me your happy new year whishes? I hope you did smile a little when you recognize me. I'm sure you did. And i'm… Continue reading Did you rembember….

Think to those

  Little things you make and revolution my little life here in front of this screen. Those things then i check and you know that. And you know i drives crazy for. You're beware of this. Maybe it's true each of us build its own destiny. And im buiding mine writing these words for you.… Continue reading Think to those