This time


I say you ‘How much i love you’. And for real, if one of these days we would meet us, i would be not suprised about a lot of things we have in common, especially our own way to think about such things. Here is hard to explain, but we think at the same way. And i’m shaking my head about we are on the same wave line. I could explain my thoughts also here, but it’s useless. If we would meet for real we can smiling eachother, and say anything. Just look at eachother and we would take our hands, hold them strongly and whisper eachother ‘Why we took so long to meet eachother?.
Shaking my head to find an valid anwser. But i would say you ‘I really dont know, but we are lucky we met eachother.’ Also in this strange way. but we did.
Maybe our destiny has draw our life in this way.

As you know i had some problems in my life, and to be watched as ‘the different one’ it hasnt ever been easy for me. Slowly, very slowly i’ve learnt to goes on and to look above those looks.
One of the lastest lesson i got it’s from you. I never stop to thank you.
You taught me a lot just acting. And i believe you got a lot too.
We never forget which we got. Me from you and you from Long John Silver.
Just to believe in our own force. And to transform your apparent weakness, in your real strenght.


This conjuction


makes me feel in 7th heaven. I know i’m a little crazy, but it’s you. This is just a little concidence but if it was the destiny that wants us close to eachother, also on a virtual world, as internet.
I love this conjuction as i love our connection when i feel you close to me.
Me and you together also we’re so far. We feel eachtoher when we call eachother just with our minds.
I smile, my soul smiles, my heart beats so fast, and my imagination goes on. And i’m  completely toward to you. I’m sure you hear me. I’m just calling you. I smiling at you.
Tonight my soul smiles just for you. I’m happy you’re with me. I hear you.



Your sensibility


I rembembered that movie. I’ve seen just one time, but i dont rembembered how much passion you’ve put on your acting.
Few scenes and i got your sensibility. And for real if we meet eachtoher you’ll have any problems* with me on the contrary, you would be the most sweet guy that i would meet.
You would my best friend for sure or something more. We woud share everything as i wrote in this open diary.
I loved to see once again this movie… I seen it in 2009/10 and i never figured that in someway you would be entered in my life in a such way, morever changing it in such great way.
How strange the destiny is in someway. I knew you but i wasnt still aware about your importance in my life til few years ago.
In someway that thin rope that we unites us strongly it was born years earlier.
But however i’m so happy that in someway we met trough this incredible world called ‘internet’. And i’m happy i’ve met your soul, your eyes and you’ve taught me many things.
And still surprises myself about how much is magic your smile is and it got the sun inside.



*I…Me and myself



I look at you

luke_4with the same eyes but also with the new ones. Our parellel world is so close than i could imagine. My dream could comes true one day if we just wanted it for real. I took your hand and in a whisper i told you everything i really wanted. Just a metion smile from you. And just this for me it has been so important. Just to say that few words and you’ve read them it means so much to me. Maybe just you did rembember about me. And just this little thing it’s such a big thing to me. Maybe one day our eyes meets eachother and the only thing we could do is to smile and say anything, Maybe hug eachother. The only hug we really need.  And everything i wrote til now in this ‘open diary’ to you comes true for real. Maybe we will have to talk so much about our own sensations we felt eachother everytime we got connected eachother. Everytime i felt my dancing butterflies and you was there. And everytime i wrote how much i needed you it was for real. And now i know for sure you rembember about me. That girl you helped in a such way she never forget, and she thank you everyday for everyhing you gave her. That girl that’s me.


Here in my lonely

room and i look at you. I waiting for you. Wait for you listen to my soul calls your. Our dancing lights are in the sky. Look up your eyes and you can see them. That thin rope starts to unites our hearts. Starts to melt our souls in a dance we just feel in our hearts and confuses us at first. But we just to know we get in our parellel world together. I just need to look at your eyes. Touch on your mole and we just know whe are in our mysterous but wonderful world, where everything it moves itself so slowly. And our souls get in only one. Our lights, our hearts melting. And the only thing we can do i look at eachother as the very first time we met, that night.

I never forget which i felt when you get in my life, whispering me just a ‘thank you’. Never forget that. But i always knew that between us it would happened something ‘special’. Maybe you still doesnt know it. But for as i am, something it will happen. I feel it. These words im writing are the highway to reach to you. I really need to look at your eyes and whisper these words i never say to anyone, but you. I really need of it.


It seems ….


That everybody considers me ‘special’ but nobody wants me as  i would like to. Just you make me feel loved as i wish. I just need to look at you as i doing right now and all my desire as woman comes true. Just you make me feel loved as i wish. I just look at you and i feel like i would like to be. I need you so badly so next to me. I would like to say you my real bottom desires and i’m sure you would get everything without say any words. I’m sure you would take my hands into your. Just metion a smile and whisper me the most sweetest words i’ve heard in my life and in these words i have would hear your real love for me. Just which i really need. Need of a real sign from you. I need of your real feeling you have for me. I’m sure you do rembember about me and you have a little feeling for me. Our feelings are so close more than we imagine. Writing these words im sure one day something real will happens between us. Just writing these words i opening my heart to you. In this ‘open diary’ maybe im building my destiny with you.  And surely our parellel world will be closer than we can imagine. I just to say ‘I need you badly’.



You was online…


and i just hope my continuous notifications on twitter will not bore you. But i just hope you did read some of my thoughts about you and i just hope they did make you metion a smile. And i just hope one of these visualization from your Australia is your. I really hope you read some my thoughts/poems i’m writing about you. I really need to write to you. You’re the only in this period of my life who get what im feel. I feel it. I know it as you do. Which i’m feel when i’m think about you is one of the greatest feeling i’ve ever felt in my life. And i’m sure anyone besides you, knows what i’m talking about. This my real world. Here in front of this pc screen. You and me and this music i’m listening to and it takes me to you. It takes me to our parellel world where does exists just us. Where i want to live in. I’m not that kind of girl who keeps her thoughts for herself. I must let know to you which i’m feel. The life is too short and i dont want any regrets. I’m a spontaneous girl i say which i feel to the interested one. In this case you. Maybe you will read these posts, maybe not. I dont want leave this door closed. Maybe while im writing these words i’m building my destiny and i dont want leave anything to chance. Maybe for real one of these visualizations from Australia was your and you did read which i wrote to this ‘open diary’ i’ve dedicated to you. I want to be sure about all that. You’re so important to me and i want to let you know it.



Did you rembember….

LoveatmycommentMy name when you di put your like at my comment? What did you rembember about me? Which was your feel when you see my name. Did you rembember when you left me your happy new year whishes? I hope you did smile a little when you recognize me. I’m sure you did. And i’m sure you felt something when you read as i call you usually. You’re my dude and you’ll be forever. I’m sure you linked my name to my face. And you’ve recognized me. This makes me happy. It does means so to me. I want to think our parellel world is close than ever. I always thinking about you. Im smiling. And I’m smiling to you. My dude.



Think to those



Little things you make and revolution my little life here in front of this screen. Those things then i check and you know that. And you know i drives crazy for. You’re beware of this. Maybe it’s true each of us build its own destiny. And im buiding mine writing these words for you. You’ve read these lastest. You gave me the certainty. My desire to meet you. To know you is stronger than before. Maybe i’ve entered in your life unconsciously, as you did in mine. And these words i’m writing in this open diary are the keys to get in  our parellel world together and to live it as we desire. Caressing our souls, touch on our hearts, looking at eachother. Entering in  our world to get our hands. Just look at eachother. Maybe these my own words are which you really need to hear, to read, to feel with someone close to you. Maybe you dream a girl like me who wants to stay with you embraced in your arms, without say anything. Just let free ourselves from everything else. Just you need a girl like me who just need of you and to live in our parellel world, in this way. Doing talking just our hearts, our souls.

…Maybe you talk to me one days of these…i’m wait for you…