I looking at you

foxluke_forte9And what i see is your soul sparkling. I’m calling you, i feeling you a little far from me. What are you doing? I look at up the sky and i see our lights dancing. My mind is slowly connecting with yours. But something it blocks ours real connection. I see you far, but you have see me. Our glances meets themselves. Your heart beat slowly more fast. I’ll be here, i’ll waiting for you, in our parallel world. I see you there, your glances are towards to me, and i feel you whisper my name. Your deep voice reaches to me, and it’s like your warm embrace. I close my eyes and i feel you here next to me. Despite your distance, now what i feel is your thought, and it’s like you are here. Our parallel world did the magic. Our feeling are the same. I’ve called you. You did hear me. And now, in someway, we are connecting us, slowly but we do. My vise in stomach slowly growing up. But what i feel the most, is your thought towards to me. And my breath make slowly faster. That’s how our connection works.
Tonight it’s so. What i feeling is what i’m writing now. And i know you feel the same. I see you there.  Busy in what are doing, but something it have say you, i’ve calling you, and you have had feel it. And what i see in my little amethyst is our little world that it turns with its million colors. I just only can i say you ‘I miss you’.


By now

thanxcforte-1 It’s almost useless say you what i feeling right now. It’s from two days you didnt leave me neither a second, you’re here by my side, and our continuos flow of energies doesnt stop, it comes and goes. It’s useless ask you ‘Do you feel it’, because you feel it as i do. And my words comes out so easily. I feel you here  next to me, and like this music, you hypnotize me with your presence, despite your distance. What i’m feeling right now is one of the biggest feelings i felt till now, and im sure you feel the same. As i repeated, despite we dont know eachother, it was like we do know eachother from always. We were here, but it was enough a click,  some thing really  little that it took and our parallel world is born. And there our connection has began.
From last december, it was born something magic, and what we feeling, we feel it at the same time. What you said me, you told it me only to me, in that dream i did, and what it has followed it has becaming something we only know.
What i write in this open diary, in someway, im sure, it reaching to you. You read my words, and what i feeling it’s the same over there, where are you now.
Something inside of me, says me, you have had read what i wrote and you still thinking about my words. About as two persons feel the same feelings at the same time.
I ever knew about your sensibiliity, how much big your heart was. I knew this from i’ve seen in your Long John, but before also in Broken Hill. What i’ve seen in you it was something i didnt ever seen in nobody else’s
What it has happened from last december, it was something special, and it continuos. I love this kind of connection among us. For me it the most beautiful emotion i’m living. And this feeling what i feel i cant explain it, just like a feelings that it goes beyond love. When i feel ths vise in my stomach, i know, for sure you feeling the same.
We must waiting for our meeting. I know it will comes real soon.



Here it is

dailycroppedchiariThe push i’ve talked about to you this night. My vise in my stomach and that need to write what i’m feel right now. I left everything  what i was doing to write to you . It’s an inexplicable feeling. I feel  you so close to me, if i close my eyes and i take a deep breath, i feel your presence, in this bedroom, despite your distance. It’s very strange what i feeling right now. I left what i was doing to express you what i feeling in that moment, and at the same time i cant express myself. But i just need to see you and i feel your closeness to me. I need to put on my music, when i write to you. And in someway, i cant hold back what i feeling. What i wrote you in that reply is simply the truth. When i feel that push, it’s because i feel inside of me our connection make  bigger, and i feel you by myside. And i know you feel the same. Ours Parallel World welcome us. I feel you looking at me, deeply, and i feel you taking my hand to your heart. It beating slowly fast. That’s our connection begins. Despite our distance and despite we, still dont know really know eachother, we know something link us, ours feelings, our emotions. Maybe in this exact moment, you have had read my last comment i left you. I really dont know this, but it’s what i feel. Your closeness to me. I must to take again a deep breath to dont remain breathless. What i feel right now is an inexplicable feelings, i feel you close to me. I cant hold back my feelings. They overwhelms me… some tears falls down from my face. If i close my eyes i can see you, here, in front of me, taking my face, caressing my skin, whispering me something i’m not able to comprehend. But we are in front of us. You approaching to me. Slowly, you embracing me, and i smell your skin. Your smell drives me crazy. Everything about us, drives me crazy. Ours connection, our parallel world, what we feel for eachother, because, i’m sure there is something among us. Something inexplicable, but there is. Maybe we never will meet us, maybe we will do, but i’m sure, this bond, is something it unites us, in a special way. Our feelings, our emotions, what we feelings in this period is something bigger, that also you arent able to say what is, but that’s it.
What we feel, it’s just ours. And it will be, till something bigger will happens between us.


You, here

Since i woke myself i felt you approched to me slowly, and now you’re around me. If i close my eyes i can  see you smiling to me. My vise is stronger than ever inside of me. I know it’s you. Your closeness embracing me all, and i feel your arms around me, and you whisper me. I look at you, your eyes. Your glance on me, i feel it, despite your distance and whatever you do now, i feel your thoughts are towards to me. My soul turning, and what it see is your light and my soul wants to reach to your lights. I feel your whisper ‘Close your eyes, i’m coming’. I taking a deep breath, also. Closing my eyes, i catch a glimpse of you. And right after i feel your hand taking mine. ‘Just still a while’ you say me. You take my face in your hands and right after i can feel your mouth on mine. You kissing me. You leave me breath. I open my eyes and what i see yours eyes close to me. The only thing i can do is touch your face, your soft skin, touch your skin mole and continue to kiss you skin, till reach again to your mouth.
When i feeling in this way, so close me, it’s incredible how i’m feeling. Something incredible has happening among us. I feel your soul, your heart, but above all your mind, your thoughts, your deepest ones. My feelings are differents. Im feel your lack, but at the same your closeness to me. My feelings are so strange. but i’m  sure you feeling this same feelings. I miss you, but at the same time i feel you so close to me. My soul is full of you. I feel your warm inside of me. And when i see in your eyes, what i see is just our parellel world, and you see it too. I really dont know what will happens when we will meet us for real.
I feel you  so close to me right now.




A twirl you here again, close to me. How i feel you close to me. You’re the only person i could say everything i feel about you, without prejudice. You’re the only person i need close to me, and i feel your closeness, and you know how i missing so much. You in person. That’s i miss. But in someways, i feel you feeling the same. You missing something. We missing us eachother. But ours souls in someways are connect, linked. And we feel it. That’s how ours connection, our parellel world, works. I love it and i know you love it too. My dancing butterflies dances their own dance, and you feel it, despite your distance.
And despite your distance, how i feel you so close. I feel your smell and you take my hands. I feel your skin against mine. It’s so soft. I close my eyes and you come close to me. I feel your touch. Your lips on mine. And i feel your hands on my face. You caressing my face, while you whisper me ‘I’m feel you too close to me, i need you too as you do’.  We look at us, and for a while eyes in eyes. In our eyes we see what we feelings. We kiss us slowly.


It’s from

michealchiari7An hour that ours connection is stronger than ever. I’ve tried to ignore it, but i cant help it. You are here close to me, inside of me and i feel you more alive than before. My heart began to beat like a crazy one. I close my eyes and you’re there. You’re already in ours parellel world. You calling me, taking my hand. I looking at your glances just for me. And i slowly enter in ours world. You caress my face. You kiss me.  You ask me why i take so long to come. ‘I felt you immediately, i know you knew it. Forgive me i’ve tried to do something different to see if this sensation was just on my mind or it was real’.  You take my hand and you whisper me, eyes in eyes ‘It’s real, my love’. I look at you speechless. I whisper you ‘So is it really real ours connection’. We look us eachother in silence, for a while. How is it can possible? That’s continuum question. I can feel you so close to me despite your distance. Your glances on me. My heart beat so faster as yours Is it real possible we are linked in someway? I feel you and you feel me. If i close my eyes i see you here next to me. By my side and your look at me, while you take my hand and your eyes are in mine.
Does it will arrives tthe day we could meet us eachother? And we could talk freely about what we felt in these months we were been so far but so close to us.
You say me, taking my face in your hands ‘It will comes, but we must still wait for it’. Taking a breath, i close my eyes and you kindly kiss me. I love your kisses, they gives me the certain of your deepest love for me.