I feel you


So close to me. When i feel you in this way i must let you know it. And the only way i know is this. Writing in this my open diary. Let you know how i feel but i’m sure you know it, beacause i’m sure you feel the same. I feel you by my side. Ours connections is so stronger. I dont need neither to take a long breath, if i close my eyes, i can see you in front of me. Your glance into my eyes, and i speechless. I feel your hands on me. And mine on your chest, trought this white shirt. You take my hand, in silence, you put it in.  Slowly my hand slide into your chest. The shirt slowly falls down. We both speechless.. We close ours eyes and we right after we are in ours parellel world. I smell your skin and we look at us into ours eyes. Your whisper ‘I just needed of you’. I take your face, ‘When you need me, just you whisper my name, i will feel you’. That’s has happened. We feel us,  despite ours distance. That’s how does works our connection.
I close my eyes and i feel you taking my hands, then my face. Face to face we look at us. A whisper ‘I need you… i want you close to me’.  I feel inside something will happens real soon. Ours connection does works in this way. I will wait for it. You try to say me something. I will waiting for your signals. In meawhile you’re so close to me. Your glance drives me crazy, you know it. My heart beats faster, and im sure also yours. Whatever you do now, im sure yours thoughts are towards me, like mine and like two forces meets eachother, in the sky, our lights melting.
What you try to say me i will wait for it, and i will get it trought your signals you will send to me. I feel you next to me, so close.



mikemccluskie_soloscuriAlways with your smile you’re able to stunning me and with just a glance to taking me in ours parellel world, and with just a sweet whisper to make me feel secure by your side, despite ours distance. I feel you here, by my side, with your glance towards to me. while im writing these few lines. I close my eyes and i feel your arms arounds me behind me and i close my eyes smelling your skin and the rustle of your shirt against my back drives me crazy. Ours bodies so close eachother. I feel your breath make it faster and your hand caress my hair and a soft touch of your lips on my neck leave me breathless, speechless. Your arms, still embraces me. Closing my eyes, you turns me and when i listen to you saiyng me ‘Open them’ i’m in front of you.  Finally i see your wonderful face, i slowly caress it and gently my hands slide on your chest. Still looking at you i begin to untied your shirt, til to see your bare chest. Ours is a glance game. My finger goes to touch your face til your skin mole. There you take my hand and as a gentleman you begin to kiss it so soflty. I remain breathless and i continue to look at you standing. A whisper ‘How much i needed a man like you’ i say looking at you in your wonderful eyes. My World.