instadforteMore than ever. My connection with you has becoming bigger everyday. My dancing butterflies dancing always more a crazy dance and my stomach¬† has a node tighter and it melting when you are so close to me. And last night it was so tight and when you was next to me a beautiful sensations has pervaded me in a such beautiful way. And also when i woke up myself today, that sensation was still inside of me. I was asleep with your smille and you still here close to me. And this feeling what i feeling from last december it’s a wonderful feeling. I’m sure, in someways, you feel that strange feeling in your stomach, eachtime we connecting us and slowly we enter in ours parellel world. I see it trought it yours glance you giving to me. And i feel your closeness make it bigger everyday it pass.
I can just imagine ours emotions, when we will meet us for the first time. They will be the biggest emotions we will feeling. Eyes in eyes and ours continuos flow finally will be complete. And ours eyes tell us everything we have feeling in this period we have had felt inside. Our deepest love.


You didnt

murders_forteLeft me for an istant from yesterday. I feeling you so close to me. I dont need to close my eyes to be connect with you. Yours soul, yours heart and yours mind are connecting with mine from yesterday night. I feel your closeness so closer than ever. Ours light melting eachother in a faster way, as they are dancing, as they want recover the lost time. My dancing butterflies dancing like crazy ones. I feel your heart beats  faster like mine. If i close i see you next to me and i feel you taking a deep breath taking my hands and right after we are in our magic parellel world. How is it possible we feel us eachother so close, despite ours distance. If we close ours eyes and we open them right after, we are in front of us, and we can feel ours hands on us. We can feel ours frehness and face to face we dive ourselves in ours glances, and there, we just need to look at us to see ours feelings arounds us like a in a magic potion. You in other side of the planet, me in front of this pc screen, but we feel us so closer than before. Slowly we reach us eachother and this continuos flow of emotions is the most inexplicable thing we feel us eachother, but in someways the right way we feel close us eachother. Ours approach has becoming so faster. It will arrives the day we will meet us and we will be speechless, breathless.


It’s a

lmcm_forte-1continuous flow of emotions and sensantions from the other day. Despite your distance it’s like you was here next to me. And my feelings tells me that it will happens something really special really soon. My heart dont stop to beats like a crazy one. And each time i check where are you, you are there. And i know, i’m sure of that, you feel the same. There is no doubts, in someways, we are connected eachother. And we know it, wherever we are and whatever we doing, when we call us, ours souls does know it. We just need to look at up the sky and we whispers ours names and suddendly we are in connection, and slowly we enter together in ours parellel world, hands in hands, glances in glances. And ours few whispers are the only things we are able to say us.

It’s a continuos flow what i’m feeling from the other day from you to me and from me to you. I’m sure you feel it as i do, this flow of emotions, sensations we feel.