2014forte02.iTonight, you’re here next to me. This look thoughtful. What do you think? Take my hand. Look at me. Tell me what do you think. Maybe without any explication, i know about your glance. We feeling us eachother. You would like to stay with me, next to me, by my side. You would like to touch my hands. You would like touch on my skin You would like my glance into yours. Whisper me so sweet words you didnt say anybody else. And that’s the reason ours minds, ours souls, ours hearts are get connected themselves and we enter in ours parallel world, where finally we can embraces us eachother so strong. As you told me ‘We must wait for the right moment for ours real meeting’. I look at your glance so deep, and i whisper you ‘How long we must wait?’ Ours souls eachother calls us so ardentely. Eachtime we feel us, ours souls wants to melting eachother, and that’s what we want too. We want meet us for real, this time. That’s we both really need. We really need to meet us. For real look at us eachother. We stay in silence together. Touch us, also so slowly. We want realize everything we feel it was real.


If i told you


That i felt you today and you was online just few second earlier that i’ve checked your favorite social network. Do you believe it? I felt you. I dont want bore you what i felt. You know much better which has been my feelings. And you was there.
Just surprised still myself how it’s so close our connection. Our parellel world it’s here. And maybe we aren’t still aware about this our thin bond that unites us so close, if also we are so far from eachother.
And also now i’m writing these few words to you im feeling you. That strange feeling inside of me that connect me to you, it’s the most beautiful sensantion i ever felt in my life.
I know you in someway, you feeling me as i do in this moment. We are connected eachother.
And i adore this kind of love we have. I say just one thing. ‘I miss you badly’


The only thing

13lukea1I could do is to mention a smile. We at the same time on the same platform. We are so close eachother. Maybe we do not realize it, or is it just a case. I dont believe it. Do you?

Today i felt very strange. I thought about you always. You was on my mind and my heart beats so fast. My feelings were towards to you. And then you was there. Just around the corner. I just cant believe it was a case of life. We have something get connected eachother for real. Is it possibile our parellel world has becoming our real world.

I considered you one of my best friend, but to be sincere i consider you something more of a ‘best friend’, and i believe  you know  much better than everyone else. You’re not the only person i really need more in this period of my life, but some one who can get everything about me without i say anything. You can get a look at me and to know which i need. I just can say just right now. I need you.

I love this connection daria23longlukearnoldit makes me feel something ‘special’ for you…


Looking at you

And i surprised myself how much i see of your soul just trought your eyes. It’s wonderful how just two eyes as your tells everything about you. How much joy i find in them also you dont say anything. Just looking at your eyes i see your soul sparkling in everywhere around us. This is one of reason i would  like to meet you one day and i’m sure we dont need say any words. Our souls will speaks for us eachother. I dont know what you will say to me, but i’m sure what my soul says to your. A little whisper that just our hearts could listen to. Our connections… in our parellel world. I woud like to touch on your heart as you did with mine time ago. Maybe i just did, but i really dont know. I’m still dreaming about that. And i’m still hope about a little my touch on into your soul.


Now that


you’ve entered in my life, in a such way i cant believe that i could stay a day without you. Just you and me knows the importance you have in my life, whch strenght you gave me. And you know what is my story, i’m sure you’ve read it on twitter. And now i cant imagine a day without my thoughts runs to you, just to smile to you or metion a little shy one or say in a whisper just two words. ‘Thank you’ are the words i never stop to say you. And i know you feeling that. Everytime i start to write in this ‘open diary’ i feel that strange connection that unites us. That thin rope. And i never stop to thank you left me that message. I never imagined you would did that.  You did it! And everytime i think about these things i remain breathless. I always think you thank me. It drives me crazy. Never imagined you wrote these words to me. You’ve entered in my life so gentle. You’ve seen me a lot of my sides with no shame and you taught me a lot. You was by my side in moment i really needed someone. Someone who without say anything said me everything. Who gave me the strenght to goes on. And you taught me the most important lesson of my life and you know what is. And i think for real we are get connected eachother.