Right now

  I just need of you. To dive myself into wonderful eyes and to mute everything around me. And slowly get together in our parellel world. Just to look into your eyes and find myself in your smile you have for me. These dancing lights take us in our world but everytime it's a different… Continue reading Right now

Here in my lonely

room and i look at you. I waiting for you. Wait for you listen to my soul calls your. Our dancing lights are in the sky. Look up your eyes and you can see them. That thin rope starts to unites our hearts. Starts to melt our souls in a dance we just feel in… Continue reading Here in my lonely

Someone asked me

'Who do you miss?' Reply myself  'I miss you'. I dont reply to this question how i would like to. But i know how i miss you so badly in this time. Just you know the truth of my heart. You know my bottom feelings. How i miss your touch and you know you've touched… Continue reading Someone asked me

When i see you

lost in your thoughts i ask myself 'What does he thinking about?', then you look at me and you face illuminates everything around us. You take my hand to your heart. Mine starts to beat so fast as your. And everything get color itself by our parellel world colors. You whisper me 'I waited for… Continue reading When i see you

I never stop…

to surprise myself when i look at your eyes, when you look at me in this way. I see our world and you look take me to in this parellel universe. And i feel your own force in me. You have this power. With just a look to take me to this wonderful place that's… Continue reading I never stop…

and the connection

still continues. Now I should not be surprised anymore. But it's still like the very first time i feel that strange feeling inside of me. And you still continues  surprise me .You make me smile with just little things. I just hope you realize that. You give me the right feeling i just need to… Continue reading and the connection

I dreamt about you

tonight and then you posted this one. I think our parellel world is more closer than ever. I was think about you tonight. I dreamt we make love. The most sweetest love we made. You kissed me in our way. I was drive crazy for your lips on my breasts. Breathless. I think  we dont… Continue reading I dreamt about you

Our ship…

You're my quartermaster. I'm your compass. Take me where you want in our world. I will you follow. The sea will be these lights. We will follow our hearts. Our bottoms desires. Take me to our own world. Where we can find ourselves in our embrace. In our look we can find our sweetness. You… Continue reading Our ship…

I see the sky….

and i see our parellel world. These lights dancing. I see you look at me. Whisper my name. Take my hand. We fly trought these lights. These colors takes us away from this world we dont need. We need just of our looks our eyes. Our souls. 'Which you need' you ask me. 'Your eyes,… Continue reading I see the sky….

I heard you ….

call me...almost i heard you screamed my name... My stomach began to scramble... and i know this was you... Your need to be close to me as i did in these istants. I was thinking about you so much. I felt you heard me. Our souls wanted to get connected eachother. I put my headphones… Continue reading I heard you ….