When i was

lastsmileforte0011Taken this decision, i have felt you coming to me. And my head was exploded. I have felt you whisper ‘Thank you’ and i have felt your kiss on my neck and your embrace has been so sweet, i love you too much. And i’ve seen you smiling at me. In these few instants our parallel world makes us meet, one to another. I’ve felt you, your closeness and now we feel us one close to another. This your glance fill me of everything i need. I would like only make you know, how i feel you next to me. Caressing your face, making you smile, just would like to whisper as you whisper to me, when we are in our parallel world, alone together. I’m sighing looking at you. What i see in your eyes is the most beautiful sweetness i’ve ever seen.


I began

longjoh15forteTo feel your closeness, and i have had need to begin to write you, here, where all my feelings and emotions can comes out freely. I began to feel your smell in the air. I just closed my eyes and  the only imagine i have had in my mind, was this one. I love this your smell, it takes me with you on a pirate ship  and our journey is to ours parallel world. I feel you so close to me, in this moment, i dont need to close my eyes. I feel your closeness despite your distance. What you wrote is always in my mind and, nobody cant remove me the idea, that what you wrote was, in part, directed to me, also if was just undiconditionally. What you wrote, your emotions, are the same i feeling, when i feel you close to me. And now you’re here. I can see you, in front of me. Your glance in my eyes and your hands taking my face. Just few whispers flying in the air. My eyes into yours and you smiling shyly. We are in our parallel world and here we can say us everything. I whisper you ‘How much i need you’. You whisper me ‘ How much i would like to stay with you’. What we feeling in this moment, despite our distance is one of the most greatest feel we felt til now.


You didnt

murders_forteLeft me for an istant from yesterday. I feeling you so close to me. I dont need to close my eyes to be connect with you. Yours soul, yours heart and yours mind are connecting with mine from yesterday night. I feel your closeness so closer than ever. Ours light melting eachother in a faster way, as they are dancing, as they want recover the lost time. My dancing butterflies dancing like crazy ones. I feel your heart beats  faster like mine. If i close i see you next to me and i feel you taking a deep breath taking my hands and right after we are in our magic parellel world. How is it possible we feel us eachother so close, despite ours distance. If we close ours eyes and we open them right after, we are in front of us, and we can feel ours hands on us. We can feel ours frehness and face to face we dive ourselves in ours glances, and there, we just need to look at us to see ours feelings arounds us like a in a magic potion. You in other side of the planet, me in front of this pc screen, but we feel us so closer than before. Slowly we reach us eachother and this continuos flow of emotions is the most inexplicable thing we feel us eachother, but in someways the right way we feel close us eachother. Ours approach has becoming so faster. It will arrives the day we will meet us and we will be speechless, breathless.



rainbow_forte4Ours connection still stunning me always more. How is it possible i feel you and right after you’re there next to me, by my side, telling me something, taking my hand. And your glance in mine. How is it possible ours connection takes us to ours parellel world, where ours light cant wait to melting eachother in a crazy dance. And we look at up ours eyes to see this dance. We remain speechless, but ours hands hold eachother so tight. And ours eyes look at eachother.
Together we take a deep breath, closing ours eyes and right after we are in front. A whisper from you ‘I really need of you, i need to feel your closeness’. I look at you and i touch on your face. Your soflt skin drives me crazy and you take me my hand to kiss it gently. While you doing, i dive myself into your glance and i touch on your face. My heart beats so faster than ever. Taking my hand to your chest, i can feel yours heart beats like mine. Like a crazy one. We look at us. In this way. We remain in this way for a while. How many things we would like to say us. But ours feelings are bigger  than words, and we remains motionless in front of us. Eyes in eyes. Faces in ours hands and just ours breath. A kiss.


What you’re

pois_chiariasking me it’s a hard question. I felt you when you whispered me that. I just looking at you in your eyes and the only answer i can give you is ‘ I really don’t know’. When you came to say me what you told me, months ago, you seemed almost get rid yourself of burden. But now you’re returned back. I close my eyes and i see you there, in ours parellel world almost in wait for something. I take your hands and i look at your eyes. ‘Close your eyes and take a long breath’. I feeling you so close to me in this moment more than ever. I see in your mind. My mind is a little confusion. But it’s your life You must to do what you think is better for you. In these months you have had reflect. We were been so close more than ever, as in this moment. I feel you so close to me, by my side, and these words comes out from my bottom of my heart. Despite we never met us in person, it’s like we know us from long time. I feel your closeness to me so stronger than ever.
Now what i feel is just you, inside of me, yes close to me that take my hand and get your glance into my eyes. I feel your heart beat like a crazy one, as mine. And the only thing i whisper you is ‘I’ll be always next to you, by your side, and you can tell me every your secrets. And i will love you forever, and i can promise ours parellel world is and it will be just ours and nobody’s else, Just ours’ And rembember when you need me, just whisper my name and i’ll be by your side Always.


one more time

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Here you’re to destabilize me, and for sure i cant hold back my tears. It’s useeless to say how i feel your closeness despite your distance. My heart exploded with all its emotions inside. It was a day full of emotions about you. And ours parellel world get connected eachother more than ever. And i still feel you next to me. And if i close my eyes i see your eyes on me and you mention a smile just for me. And i can hear you. You say me ‘It’s all right’. You take my hand to your heart and in a whisper ‘I feel the same’. I just look at your eyes. With no any words ours souls says themselves what we arent able to say.
My heart still beats like a crazy. Still a tear falls down from my face, while i writing these few lines. What i feel right now it’s like tornado I feel ours bond make it bigger and stronger. Ours parellel world is here. We just close ours eyes for a while, and we are in.
Just you and me. Just us.




You’re again in my soul, in my heart like a bomb that explodes itself. I feeling you so close to me in these hours. I see you happy then i’m happy too. You can give your happiness just with a smile like this. But also you can destabilizes myself with ours connection, that today, i feel it so stronger. Ours parellel world is in ours own eyes.  And also now i’m writing these few lines i hear you, feel your closeness next to me. You by my side. I feel your soul embraces mine. And i love which i feel right now for you and im sure you feel the same in this time. How i feel you so close to me, my dancing butterflies dance their own dance from your first tweet of today and i’m sure you read my reply. That sensations pervades myself. And im sure you metioned a shy smile recognizing me.


Wanna guess

hydepark_schermo-1what i’m feel right now? You. I feel you inside of me. My usual feeling when i hear your closeness to me. My soul flying into our lights and which  it does feels it’s your heart that beats so faster as mine. It’s true also we didnt ever met eachother, but we met many time in ours parellel world and there we look at eachother, and saying any words we say everything we feel for ourselves. My heart explodes right now. I feel you closer than ever and i feel your look at me, also we’re so far from eachother. Ours souls get connecting eachother so stonger than before. I ask myself if for real you feel the same wherever you’re right now, but i’m sure you do. My heart is velvet mantled. Mantled by your sweetness, and i hear your eyes on me. Maybe mentioning a shy smile. Smiling for me. Looking my happiness. You make happy just with few. I need of these moments. You make me beat my heart stronger than before. I can whisper you just words you know already. I say them in that whisper.