Like a

i think something special will happens between us

You stay

Yours soul, yours heart sourrounds me like in an embrace

Which i

and yes i got what do you felt when you've put your like to that tweet

A blow

 We just love eachother in this way. And this is enough for us. Our own way to love eachother

The connection

You kneeling in front of me. Taking my hands

Look at me

and i should drive crazy for your way you look at me. In your eyes i can see your desire. Say anything you say you want a hug from me. Come closer to you. I look at your eyes. Just a little shy smile and you let in my arms. Just a whisper 'I've missed… Continue reading Look at me

I’m just calling

you. I need you. Where are you? I need of you I feel our parellel world is close to us. But i'm alone. I'm calling you. My light is dancing alone. My need of you is more strong than ever. I'm searching you in everywhere. I whisper you 'Please dont leave me alone'. I feel… Continue reading I’m just calling