I began

longjoh15forteTo feel your closeness, and i have had need to begin to write you, here, where all my feelings and emotions can comes out freely. I began to feel your smell in the air. I just closed my eyes and  the only imagine i have had in my mind, was this one. I love this your smell, it takes me with you on a pirate ship  and our journey is to ours parallel world. I feel you so close to me, in this moment, i dont need to close my eyes. I feel your closeness despite your distance. What you wrote is always in my mind and, nobody cant remove me the idea, that what you wrote was, in part, directed to me, also if was just undiconditionally. What you wrote, your emotions, are the same i feeling, when i feel you close to me. And now you’re here. I can see you, in front of me. Your glance in my eyes and your hands taking my face. Just few whispers flying in the air. My eyes into yours and you smiling shyly. We are in our parallel world and here we can say us everything. I whisper you ‘How much i need you’. You whisper me ‘ How much i would like to stay with you’. What we feeling in this moment, despite our distance is one of the most greatest feel we felt til now.