I was sleeping

the answer will be in our eyes. It will be just necessary to touch us one of another to find it

The sensantion

Our connect is so strong that we also we dont undestand what is happening, but then that we realize it, we understand, that we are link in a beautiful way, and we want to continue to feel this confusion inside of us

This time

 I didnt surprised myself, when something inside of me, said me to check your favorite social and you was here. Inside me, something it has calms me down. But now it has began to overwhelm me, once again

In silence

in bottom of myself, i sure, you feel the same. You feel this same vise in your stomach, eachtime we connect

You are

Smiling at me, but this stuff among you and me, almost scares me a while. Few days ago i have feel that shortly you would have tweeted.  And you have do it. I really dont what to think. In meanwhile that woke myself i have feel my vise in my stomach. You was lay down… Continue reading You are

It’s useless

By now, i know we are connect, strangely, but we are connect

Let me

Let me make understand what man i have in front of me

If you

I would believe it was our connection