Maybe (second open letter to Luke)

jakenowakoski0019_pluniformeThe only who can understand what i can feel when i think to you and i feel you close to me, that’s you and nobody else. Also today, someone asked me ‘what do you find in him?’
What do i find in you… everything and much else. If i explain them what i feel when i feel you close to me, they would take me for crazy, but i dont care. Sincerely they can take me for crazy, but what i feel when i feel you close to me, as right now, it’s one, if not the most beautiful sensation i have ever felt in my life. The connection i feel, we have, still stuns me everytime. I will be also a little witch, but when i feel close to you, comes directly from stomach and my head contemporanely. And it all coming from this strange connection that i’ve called our parallel world. I still, cant explain it to myself, but it does exists. And when i feel your closeness, i feel myself the most alive person of this world. Silencely, you’ve became part of my life. You have teach me a lot of things, and you was close to me when i had face up my last hard test. You have give me such strenght, and i never stop ┬áto say you, thank you. I’ve told you, my love for you, it’s something it goes beyond love, it’s beyond.
All this it’s born, maybe, for a case, but im sure, isnt a case. It’s something that link our personal empathy, our sensibility. In some ways our parallel collect all this, and when i feel you close to me, you feel something like similar. Im sure of this.