Here we are

Where it all is began, and i feel you so close to me. When i was in the car, i felt you, also when i’m back in this bedroom i’ve felt you close to me, as now. I feel your eyes on me, and my heart beats like a crazy. I feel our flows get connect. My emotions overwhelm me,  in some ways, i know, it’s you that take a look on what im doing. If i close my eyes  and slowly take a deep breath, i can feel you arrive. We look at us eachother. You smile me and you approach me, while you take me from hips. We dont say nothing, but with our glances, we say everything. We can feel our emotions despite our distance. Our minds get connect and we see our parallel world around us, and our feeling we have feel inside can exploding freely. It’s like to make love, but that it goes beyond. We have emotionally involved, also if we dont know us personally. But we feeling these emotions as if we knows us from always. When we connect ourselves it’s like as if something call us eachother, and our emotions take flight. That something is our parallel world. That world that is born from that night of december, when you have tell me what we know. From that night was born something of special among us. Something that still leave me without breath.  And it’s our connection