Taking off

... and looking at me in this way you make me feel breathless. You take off your shirt. My heart starts to beats so fast as your. I see you light get into mine and i drive crazy fo every your move. That shirt falls on my hands. You come closer to me. Blush myself.… Continue reading Taking off

How i would love

to hear you whisper 'You're special'. And dive myself into your look and to kiss your lips in the sweetest way i know. And to look your eyes into mine and from your mouth to hear the words 'I love you'. Touch on your skin. Something among us happens. And our souls get connect eachother.… Continue reading How i would love

I hear….

  crystal sounds. Do you? Our souls get connected eachother. Our body dancing in a  whirlwind dance. We melt, and we hug eachother. I see our moment of merger. Your hair become one with mine. As your hands, your body. We listen to this  music and the magic is fullfiled. Our souls become one. Now we… Continue reading I hear….