You are

longjohn_contrario_moltiplikcaWondering also you, how is it possible, all this connect among us. I’m looking at you. You’re surprise as much as me, about our connect. I feel you close to me more than before. I feel your heart beat fast and your mind running trough our emotions, and i feel it. What im feeling, besides your a lot of thoughts, is our flows that come and goes trough our parallel world, and despite our distance, we feel this special bond that link us one of another. Here, in my bedroom, i feel you by my side. And im sure, wherever you are, you feel the same feeling. This sense of inner freedom, and this sense to belong to something only ours. And all this it’s our parallel world. And this feeling is began that night in december.  And eachtime it link us in this way, it leaves me breathless, it overwhelm me. And from the moment i’ve replied in that way on twitter, im sure you are making yourself a while of questions. I ask myself these questions from long time, and i still i havent found an answer that satisfy me. The only answer i really need, to all these questions, is you, our connect and for me, it enough. Knowing, that we are link in this way, for me it’s the only answer i need to know.  For me it enough.