We dont need any explication. Are us


I feel my head exploding

I just

You're the only person who i really need close to me in this period. You're the only person who makes feel real Alive

They are

Maybe im repeat myself till death, but i feel your soul arounds me, and if i close my eyes i can see you next to me, by my  side and i feel your hand on mine.


i LOVE this feeling. Dont stop. Please continue. You make me feel so Alive.

And still

I feel ours connection, it feel like an eletric discharge in all my body, but above all in my heart and in my head and in my mind. And i just cant believe, from yesterday to today, also if i'm the only person, who noticed, you was online. And also if you have had some… Continue reading And still

I’ve just

Now i can feel you so close and you showed yourself for a second on twitter