Tell me

owenbarforteIf happens also to you. When i get connect with you, i feel like as if i was fly to other planet, and my feelings inside of me exploding and the only thing i feel are our flows get connect and in my head i feel your flows that penetrates me and if i close my eyes i can feel your closeness, as i’m doing now.  Also earlier, while i was watching television and while i have close my eyes, i have feel your embrace. It’s an incredible feeling which i feel, and you’re the only person i’m tell that, trough this open diary. And when our connect is more strong i cant describe what  i feel. I feel my head exploding, and right after, all my thoughts are toward to you, and in some ways, im sure you feel this connect between us.  Our bond is growing fast, despite we are far and above all we still dont know eachother, as i wish, but im sure that the day we will meet it will arrive and all these emotions can exploded in their own way.