mikemccluskie_soloscuriAlways with your smile you’re able to stunning me and with just a glance to taking me in ours parellel world, and with just a sweet whisper to make me feel secure by your side, despite ours distance. I feel you here, by my side, with your glance towards to me. while im writing these few lines. I close my eyes and i feel your arms arounds me behind me and i close my eyes smelling your skin and the rustle of your shirt against my back drives me crazy. Ours bodies so close eachother. I feel your breath make it faster and your hand caress my hair and a soft touch of your lips on my neck leave me breathless, speechless. Your arms, still embraces me. Closing my eyes, you turns me and when i listen to you saiyng me ‘Open them’ i’m in front of you.  Finally i see your wonderful face, i slowly caress it and gently my hands slide on your chest. Still looking at you i begin to untied your shirt, til to see your bare chest. Ours is a glance game. My finger goes to touch your face til your skin mole. There you take my hand and as a gentleman you begin to kiss it so soflty. I remain breathless and i continue to look at you standing. A whisper ‘How much i needed a man like you’ i say looking at you in your wonderful eyes. My World.


How does is

solare_solochiaro3Possible your glance contains such sun inside, exploding in me? And your joyful reaches to me just trought a picture of you, like this one. I could dive myself in your eyes and to be the most girl happy in the world. Your eyes, your glance or in whatever you want call it, makes me feel really alive. And in yours eyes i always found ours parellel world  where ours sensantions can express themselves freely. In them i can see your soul and is one of the purest i’ve ever seen. Dont ever change. Remain as you’re.
In these fewest hours i understood something, maybe, you still didnt. But it doesnt matter now. But i understand something about of us and that it’s really counts. Taking a deep breath and closing of ours eyes and above all together, we enter in ours parellel world. And now that’s really counts. We, in ours world. We with ours feelings. Yes i feel you close to me but a little vague. But in this right istant, it’s incredible, how i feel you closer to me. I felt like a twirl arounds me! You whisper my name. It was like you elevates me and i was arounds by yours lights, like a warm hug. How is it possible i felt this right now?  I see your eyes in mine and it’s like you look at me for real. I almost blushing myself and my heart stops it. We are get connecting eachother, in this moment? … everything in in me exploding… I feel ours lights comes and goes trought ours hearts, souls but above all  ours minds. ‘This  drives me crazy’ i whisper you, closing my eyes.



michealvampy_solochoariI cant believe it how i feel you right now. And i dont need to close my eyes to see you next to me. I just see you looking at me with your glance and your smile. And i feel your soul arounds me and i see yours lights embraces me so tight. Almost i cant hold back some tears from my face. How is it possible all that? Is it really real ours connection, i asking myself. And i must bend myself to the evidence. It’s really real. Ours connection is making stronger every day. Today im smiling, and i know the reason it’s just you and only you. My dancing butterflies dance a crazy dance, and this crazy feelings i feel is comes from you. I know it , and you know it too.
Now you’re there, on the other side of the planet but now on the contrary. But this it doesnt matter. I feel you so close to me more than ever. And all that now i know it’s possible. Maybe i’ll have need of further confirmation, but i know till now that thin rope it does unites us is ours parellel world, becoming slowly  ours real world.
I’m smiling from before. And i know it’s ours connections making bigger than ever.


You came

bluebill_forteTo me, by my side and gently you woke me up. I dreamt about you also in those few istants on the couch. You did like something i did. But it was a big suprise that i forget what was it. Maybe ours lives reaches themselve, more faster than i could imagine. Or is it another sign, that you take a look on me, whatever i do, and the connection i feel is more real than ever, and it’s really you’re close to me, despite i dont know where are you. And when i feel inside of me that warm feeling, it’s the certain of your being next to me. That ours minds are really connected eachother, and what i feel are ours souls melting eachother and we enter in ours parallel world. That world unites us in someways, we still dont completly, understand. But we uderstand it when we close ours eyes and we feel we take ours hands and in the exact moment we touch us, we open them and we are there. You and me in front. Your glance in mine. Your colorful eyes hypnotize me. I remain imobilìzed, breathless speechless Your eyes are my world. I could to look at you without bore myself ever. If i close my eyes right now i can feel your soul, your heart your warm light into mine, and my heart for a while, it stop. I can feel you. I feel your glance on me. Arounds me and your hands touch on me gently. Ours minds get connecting eachother. I feel you and you feel me.
This energy is called Ours Parallel World.