“I was looking

At you, while you prepared the breakfast. Everything you would take it, for me it was ok. But behind the table, you have asked which kind of breakfast i would have prefered.
0039forteWhile i was sleeping, you went to get, all kind of breakfast i would have liked: from croissants to cornflakes. I was looked at you without words. And while you have brought our breakfast at the little table, i was looked at you. Your sweetness filled my heart, that the only thing i could did was sighing. I had fear that you could would listen to my heart beating like a train.
While we made breakfast, we have shared shy smile, as, we made at the bar, but this time we were sit next one of another, and our glances weren’t confused between the other people, and our feelings were there, in the air, around us.
What we felt for eachother it was stronger than our hunger. Yes we have eated something, but just a little.
Now, there it was something that it attracted us, one to another, and we couldnt take off our eyes one from the other.
Something else was about to happen. We were feeling it.”



“You have felt ⇒

You have call

drifeters22116_soloscuriMy name… you have whispered it… I have begin to feel you around me. As always, by now, you arrive from behind. Slowly i feel your embrace, your arms gently around me. I must close my eyes and take a deep breath to enter in this magic atmosphere our mind create while we get connect. You whisper me ‘See what i’ve bring to you’… You turning me around, and while you still turn me, something inside of me explode. My heart begins to beat fast. And when we are in front, one of another, i cant believe it. Our parallel world is already here, around us. I look at you with wide eye open. Without ask nothing, you whisper me ‘Today i’ve missed you too much’. While you have tell me this, without realizing it, my hand has starts to caress your face. ‘You have missed me too’. We didnt take off our eyes one from another. Our lights has begins to float and our minds melt as if was only one. My thoughts has became yours, and yours has became mine. I close my eyes again and i can feel your arms around me and i feel your sweetness trough my t-shirt. ‘I cant live without your written thought, by now’ you tell me, with your unmistakable deep voice. And now that im write what im feel, yes, i feel you by my side. As if we are really connected. I feel your hands that touches me, and i feel them hold my chest. And my head, my flows, ours flows as if was in continuos contact. Is it possible that this open diary is the right path to arrive to our real meeting.


I could

Tell you a story on what your neo is telling me. Or i coud tell you a tale what which i see in of it. What which i see in of it is an universe, made of emotions, feelings and everything that coud explode around us. In your neo i see the world that slowly we have created. Our parallel world born from there.  From a little skin defect, i’ve find the most beautiful skin defect, i’ve ever seen. A little universe where i could lost myself only touching it. I could lost and found again myself in of it. I could find one of the most sensitive soul i’ve ever met in my life. You. And it could tell me something that nobody ever had heard. Touching it, sweetly with my finger, i could open one of your secret side, and to find something of marvellous, that either, you didnt know.
Let me, find out it. We are in front, one of another, now. We didnt take off our eyes, one from another, and sweetly we’ve touched till now. Take me my hand, let me touch it, and let me hear what it has to tell me.



I feel in these hours it’s your continuos closeness to me. You didnt ever leave me. Like if you want to fill last night, when i whispered your name to enter in our parallel world but you was so far from me, like you would want to say me ‘I’m sorry’. I look at you in your eyes and i take your face in my hand. A little whisper comes out from my heart, a ‘i love you’. Now we are in front, face to face and we dive us in ours eyes. And together, we enter really, in our magic world, where nobody else cant enter. I feel you so close to me, you leave me without the breath. I need to close my eyes to dont drive crazy. I feel you take a deep breath, i feel you breathless while you looking at me. Our minds, ours souls melting together. Between us ours lights begins their slow dance. Your light melts with mine and we feel so closer. The only thing we can do is just watch to this dance lights arounds us, while we looking at us in our eyes in silence. You caressing my face. I have my hands on your bare chest and we remain in this way standing in front. Your glance hypnotizes me. Your skin is soft, while i caressing it.
Slowly, you approach to me, you take my face in your hand and i take yours. Ours fingers crossing. In these moment, we feel all ours feelings throught ours bodies. We remain breathless, speechless. The only thing is look at us, for a while, and right after, in a slow approach, kiss us. And in that kiss all ours feelings, like in a magic explosion, around us.


In those eyes


I just see ours parellel world and ours souls can dance together melting eachother. In those eyes i just see peace and serenity and when you look at me my thoughts are just for you. And everything around me dissappears and when you take my hand i dive myself in your eyes and ours parellel world becomes true. All colors of the rainbow dances around us. While you whisper me ‘Look up at the sky’, you show me ours lights dancing together. I see you, you look at me and your glance is smiling. And i feel something warm inside of me. I know it’s just comes from you. I turn myself to you, and with no any words i touch on your face with a finger. In silence i touch on your skin mole then your lips.
Those eyes still looking at me and we remain speechless in this way for long time. Eyes in eyes. Between us a color dance is being done. Ours souls lights melting eachother.



Let me

Look at you in this way. Let me smell your skin. Let me dive myself in your look. Let me breath the air around us. Let me  see the white color around us. Let me see the joy in your eyes while you look at me. Let me touch on our lips just a while before ours mouths meets themselves. Let me touch on your skin trought the shirt. I let you take my hand. Let me touch on your skin mole. Let me touch on your face. Let me breathless look at your eyes with no say any words. Let me to feel your desire about me, through your eyes, your mouth, your whispers, your hands. Let me look at you in this way. Let me kiss you everywhere you want. Let me know about your deepest emotions, about your deepest thoughts. Let me be your as no one else before. We become unique to eachother and let me kiss you in a passionate way. So we get in our parellel world in the sweetest way. So we can see our souls melting eachother. We let do to our feelings which they knows do better.