When you

lowdown01_fortelook at me in this way, tell me what you thinking. You stand up and come to me. We are in front, one of another. Our lights begins their dance. Slowly we enter in our parallel world, and i feel your warm embrace. Our souls melting And our hearts beat making fast. Your eyes into mine. For a while, we remain in this way. Breathless. Sweetly i put on your chest my hands. You whisper me ‘Do it’. Blushing, i know what you mean. So slowly, without taking my eyes off you, i sweetly slide my hand in your shirt. You breathless, you left me falls your shirt over yours arms. Right after, you caress my face and you smiling me. While your hand is on my face, i close my eyes to catch the moment in my soul, in my heart. Your hand is still on my face, my eyes still closed. But another whisper ‘Look at me, i’m here’. Your gently hands on me. Face to face. What which we are looking at in ours glance, are just we. What which we feeling is unnoticeable, we feeling it just us. We feel it, trought our eyes, ours souls, our hands, just trought that little rustle, our dancing lights, but above all, we feel it trought our glances. And that’s an incredible feeling. Our parallel world