I was working this pic, i’ve seen the tweet you have sent me and i was thinking if then, when you’ve put your lastest like on my tweet, you did rembember of me. Despite all we met online, by now …seven times. I would like think yes, as me that i never will forget when i’ve open your tweet and you left me without oxygen for a little bit. I love to think to that day as the day something littleĀ  has slowly grow up inside of us and now that little thing is become our parallel world. Something you have started, and now is around us, as your embrace that i feel. You’re next to me, looking at me, and while i feel your embrace, while i feel your arms around me, my breath get shorter and shorter. I feel your hands touching my little body and suddenly you take me, make me around high, and we looking at eachother, me look at you from down, and you looking at me from up. We dont take off eyes one from another. While you make slide on your body i whisper ‘You make me feel happily alive’. I caress you face and i touch your lips with mine. Your mouth is so soft, as your skin. You place your hand on my heart, i feel your hands so gentle trough my shirt that it continue to caress till to arrives to my hips, where they stops. Slowly you approach. Our bodies touches. Without say nothing, we dive one in another’ glance, while our emotions explode in one of the most soft and sweet kiss we have given ourselves