“You was

Embracing me, while i could feel your heart beating.
We were still in bedroom, but we were as if we were collect in a little world and what we could feel were our sensations were expanded around us and they get us closer and closer.
We had didnt still eat nothing, but it seemed that we didnt need it.
It seemed that, by now, we feed us only by our emotions and that was enough.
011019instaplunforme-1You looked at me for a moment, then you have whispered me ‘How much you are beautiful’ as if  that  thought was escape from your mind. You were looking at me yet, as if you was lost in my eyes, and i could perceive your sensations.
They were the same that i was feeling.
We were in this world and we wasnt able to awake up from this atmosphere.
The first who gave a jolt at this strange situation, been you, asking me if  i wanted something from the kitchen.
Now, it was strange this demand, but on balance, we had to eat something.
Sweetly you have smiled me and slowly you have approached me, touching my lips, you have whispering me ‘ Dont you move yourself, my princess, i’ll be back soon’.
You went to the downstairs, almost running, and i was remained in the bed, and in those seconds, the only thing i’ve rembembered, it’s been the written note you have left me on the pillow few hours earlier, when you have went out to buy something for me, while i was sleeping.”


⇐“We were getting

“All what i was ⇒

“We were getting

tangledesk06forteTo know eachother, also from by this side. The most important, the emotional side. And we were, making it in the most sweetest way possible. The only we knew it.
Around us, by now there was an kind of magical aura, and also a soft touch, it provocated reactions that we didnt expected.
In a simple smile, we saw a ray of light that it could illuminated our souls, and all these emotions were as a new path, that we had to go trough together.
Our need to write something about the other, has made wake up  something of unconcious in the universe.
When we had looked at us, one another, we were feel us arounded by our emotions, feelings, and there werent other thoughts.
Our hearts were full of a heat and of a slowly expansion, everytime we have tried  our new way of communication. And everytime it happened, we thought to explode, but it was only our energy that communicate.
We were touched our hands without realizing, and we had a jolt. We had looked at us one another, and right after, we had laugh. It’s been a nervous laugh.
We were feeling for the first time these kind of feelings and we still didnt know how manage them. We were breathless. We didnt take our eyes off one to another, and the only my wish was to be embraced by you. Slowly i dived myself into your chest and you, sweetly, have embraced me tight, as if you wanted protect  me.”


⇐“So i

“You was ⇒

“So i

tangle0044forteHave looked at you with all the awarness that you knew already my reply ‘We are living a dream that, slowly, has becoming real…’
You was looking at me, sweetly, and at the end of a moment that it seemed no end you have whispered me ‘I love you. I believe to have wait this moment for the whole of my life, and at the end you arrived.’
My heart beated hard. We stared at us one in another.
Your words still floated in the air, while our feelings roared in our souls.
We didn’t move, but inside of us, happened the exact contrary. We were feeling, as if a new light entered in us and it heat us. And it was so.
Since from it was began all all this, we floated in what which we were feeling, one for another. And what we had feel till now, it was one, if not, the most big feeling that a human being had never felt. And we were feeling just so in these moments, as overwhelm, while we looking at us, one in another.”


⇐“We looked

“We were getting ⇒

“We looked

At one in another, aware that we had strenghtned what has happened in those hours earlier and in that union we have felt stronger and stronger, in what which we had feel, one for another, since from we have shared our first glance, in that bar.
And maybe, we have thought, that it has been this Parallel World, made of magic stones and a mix up of sensations never felt them before, made us meet.
We looked at us, and the emotions we were feel, were so big that we couldnt hold back them.
tangle059sovvrappostoWe have feel something that arounded us, and we were surprised, how this new feeling made us feel.
As if we were about to be transportated in another world, but always remaining in the same place. Your home.
We have felt inside of us, as roaring engine that it was about ready to go.
It was strange but at the same time, the most beautiful sensation, we ever felt.
We were still stunned for what which we were feeling. We didnt take our eyes off. Your dived into mine and i  dived in your.
What which we were seeing, it was a moltitude of colors in a world that we were creating with all of our emotions and sensations that we were feeling, just looking at us, one another.
You were caressing my face, and in a whisper you have asked me ‘Does it happening for real?’.”



“So i ⇒


tanglegreenmoltiplica043On that bed, our bodies were about meet again.
In your eyes, i could see your desire to touch me, to kiss me, to make love again. To the other side, i was there and my desire to be kissed by you.
You lied down next to me and little by little our lips touched themselves so sweetly that they have fomented our deepest wild thoughts, but always with a gentilness never felt before.
You had that shirt, that magically, it was opened and i’ve could made  slide it down on your arms, while your moaning thrilled me always more.
Your eyes were languid into mine. Our kisses always more wildly sweet, were about become more light but, more passionate. Your hands on my bare skin, were about exploring between my legs and your mouth has wanted to lick my nipples. It missed me the breathe, and i’ve closed my eyes for a second, You left me take the breathe again. Slowly you have take my both arms and you have lifted them up. While you have looked at me, then you have kissed me, i have felt you entered in me.
Slowly, but always more faster, we both have reached the peak of our passion.
With this act of love, you have wanted unite me to you still more, under the will of the stones and on what which we have created.”


⇐“We didnt

“We looked ⇒

“We didnt

Realized that in those few hours, we had accomplished our destiny and it was drawn down among these little stones and we only us knew their meaning. We were bonded and we feel it around us and inside of us.
We stared at us, while inside of us, it was developing a new sensation or better a new perception.
glowen0042forteWe were on that sofa, but you slowly was stand up yourself, stretching your hand toward me. My heart has started to beat hard. I have took your hand and you have whispered me ‘Come… with me’.
The stair was there, a few steps from your favorte little angle of your large room.
You have made me to go up the first little stair and you have stop me, you have turn me round toward you, and what which you have made me feel, has been one of the most intesive seconds of whole my life. In your eyes, i’ve seen how it would been my life with you. My heart drove crazy. While i’ve seen this, you have taking me in your arms and we have go up to the bedroom.
Close to the bed, you have me lied down sweetly on it and slowly, you was approached yourself to me, while i was completly arounded by these feelings that you was made me feeling.
They were exploded in the exact moment you have lean down your lips on my mouth.”


⇐“We were still

“There ⇒