It’s a strange

lukedforteSensation when my mind get connect with yours. It seems that my floating lights runs through on a pathway without curves, directly to you. It’s a beautiful sensation when, in someway, we feel close us, one to another, and this sensation, seems be reciprocated, and in that exact moment, we both know we are in our parallel world, despite our distance. My head, but also all my body knows that what i feeling is born from our connection. By now, when i feel in this way, as in a world floating, i’m with you, and you are with me. You feel it, i feel it. It’s impossible to dont notice that. And what is happening to me, in these days, in some ways, it take me back to you. Always. Also when i dont feel you, then also after hours, the sensation of your closeness appears it again so suddenly, and i know that something link us stronger. And without shadow of doubt, it’s our world, that we slowly have created. What i feel in this moment is one of the deepest feeling i ever felt. My heart is beating so fast that it could be explode. My breath is short and my head can feel something is coming from you. I’m not going crazy. Simply i’m connecting with you and you feeling too, from there. I feel, you are whispering my name. Our parallel world is geting us in connection, right now. In front, one to another. We are breathless, we are speechless.


That’s incredible

daria23longlukearnoldIt was from few days, i’ve felt it, but i didnt tell anything, but when my little voice inside of me told me to check it, i’ve seen it. I didnt cant want believed to that. But is happened once again. My head has exploded like a bomb. What which i’ve feel it becames true, once again. But in these hours i feel your restlessness. I feel, you have didnt would like to do that moves, but, by now, you did it. I feel your thought are toward to this side, toward to our parallel world. I’m here, i wait for you, as always. And as always in these hours i feel you close by my side more than ever. How is it possible all this? I feel your thoughts, your doubts, your duties, but above all you desire to escape from this world, that, in some ways, it press you. From the other day, i feel you embrace me. This is your desire. To embrace me  tight and what you’ve whisper me now, has  a logical sense. My head explode, and also my vise in stomach. Now the punch i felt in these days is more significant. I’ll be here for you. You can tell me everything you want. Despite our distance, i’ll understand everything. I’ll be by your side, always.





bass006scuriIn a corner in my bedroom, but more closer. Now i feel you here next to me. We smile us one of another. I’m here, writing what i feel, looking at you, you sat  more close to me. If i close my eyes i can feel your smell, and that it drives me crazy. You know it. We look at us one of another. Slowly you stand up, and you come behind me, to see what i write. I blush myself. I stop myself, for a second. You brush me away my hair, and slowly, you whisper me ‘Continue’. Breathless, i take a deep breathe, closing my eyes for a second, and in that second i have feel your lips on my neck. A thrill runs away from my body. You take my fingers and you push them on this keyboard. And rightafter, we are in our parallel world. Slowly you turn me around and you stand me up.  We are in front, one of another. We look at us deeply. We smile. I blush myself, i biting my lips. Softly, you take my face in your hands and you begin to whisper me sweet words i never have heard from nobody’ else. What i which i need, want, is to see you trough your eyes. Your sweet touch leave me breathless. You bring my hand to your face. With no say nothing i caress it. And our lights floating between us, like a dance. We dive ourselve in our glances, slowly we disappear.


What you’re

pois_chiariasking me it’s a hard question. I felt you when you whispered me that. I just looking at you in your eyes and the only answer i can give you is ‘ I really don’t know’. When you came to say me what you told me, months ago, you seemed almost get rid yourself of burden. But now you’re returned back. I close my eyes and i see you there, in ours parellel world almost in wait for something. I take your hands and i look at your eyes. ‘Close your eyes and take a long breath’. I feeling you so close to me in this moment more than ever. I see in your mind. My mind is a little confusion. But it’s your life You must to do what you think is better for you. In these months you have had reflect. We were been so close more than ever, as in this moment. I feel you so close to me, by my side, and these words comes out from my bottom of my heart. Despite we never met us in person, it’s like we know us from long time. I feel your closeness to me so stronger than ever.
Now what i feel is just you, inside of me, yes close to me that take my hand and get your glance into my eyes. I feel your heart beat like a crazy one, as mine. And the only thing i whisper you is ‘I’ll be always next to you, by your side, and you can tell me every your secrets. And i will love you forever, and i can promise ours parellel world is and it will be just ours and nobody’s else, Just ours’ And rembember when you need me, just whisper my name and i’ll be by your side Always.


Always you are

murderforte40able to leave me breathless. And eachtime i say myself ‘take a long breath’, but as always you leave me  speechless. Once again you did it. Also with a simply smile like this one. But you did something more, and you know it. And i know what im doing here, here in this open diary, it’s the right way to reach to you, and nobody leave me this from my head. I know you know about this diary and nobody leave me the idea that among these visualizations from Austraila there is yours. It was from two days that i didnt feel you close to me, and from today, like a blow in my stomach, i feel you as you was here next to me. And now i came in my bedroom and checked the statisticscs of my diary and i seen Australia, my heart began to beats like a crazy one. How is it possible? Are we really connected eachother? I must surrender myself to this? Or i must make some resistance? If ours parellel world does real exists, i surrender to it and i close my eyes til i dont meet yours and you take my face in your hands and you whisper me ‘open them’. And we in front of  us,  we touch on ours skin. Just looking at your glance, i whisper ‘You’re here’ and i cant hold back some tears. Eyes in eyes, you whisper me ‘I’ll be here, for you. with you. Always’.


You know

montecarlo_sommaywhat i think? If ever one day we will meet eachother, what would happens? At the first moment a little  of embarrassment, but then ours smiles melt themselves in ours looks and there we would realize about ourselves, about ours feelings, and then we would look at us eachother, ours eyes into themselve, then a whispering  us, almost from ours souls: ‘you…’ Then a smile, followed by a warm hug, would crown this moment we still waiting for.
And then, i do believe, eyes into eyes, we take ours hands and we would go in a peaceful place for talk. And for magic, with no ours awarness, we us in ours parellel world, has changed it in our real world. You always look at me, my heart would beats as a crazy one. As now slowly. You take my face in your hands. You look at me for a while. Me, as hypnotized by yours moves, i remain speechless, but i begin to touch your skin. You mention a shy smile and take my hands. You kneel in front of me and say me ‘Tell me everything you want to, i will do the same’. Told that, your lips touches on mine.


The only thing

13lukea1I could do is to mention a smile. We at the same time on the same platform. We are so close eachother. Maybe we do not realize it, or is it just a case. I dont believe it. Do you?

Today i felt very strange. I thought about you always. You was on my mind and my heart beats so fast. My feelings were towards to you. And then you was there. Just around the corner. I just cant believe it was a case of life. We have something get connected eachother for real. Is it possibile our parellel world has becoming our real world.

I considered you one of my best friend, but to be sincere i consider you something more of a ‘best friend’, and i believe  you know  much better than everyone else. You’re not the only person i really need more in this period of my life, but some one who can get everything about me without i say anything. You can get a look at me and to know which i need. I just can say just right now. I need you.

I love this connection daria23longlukearnoldit makes me feel something ‘special’ for you…