What which i

mikemccluskie_sommaReally hope is that you may read everything i left you on twitter or you may take a look on this open diary. Making the sum of the people to whom i tell  what which i feel, you’re the only one. And also if you dont read this open diary, it’s like you listen to me. And only with you, i can open myself with no any shame. Also if i write here, just to say what i feel, it seems to me, that something reaches to you. What which i feel, when i feeling you by my side, despite your distance is something of incredible. If ever we meet, i would tell you more things i never told to anyone.  And i’m sure, what which i feel when we get connect, in someways, you feel it too. I would stay hours, days  to tell you the minimum thing i had in my life. And you would do the same. And in this way we would enter, without realizing it, in our parallel world. And, always in this way, we would discover that our feeling, up to now that we have feel it was real, to the end and we have wait for just the right time to meet us. All we felt it wasn’t just a sensation, but something real.