Luke’s Audible

Luke has recorded several audibles, and here to follow there are all the informations you can have to hear all his audibles.

Let’s start with his  books: The Fetch Phillips Archives.

The Last Smile In Sunder City: release date: 04-02-2020

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Dead Man In A Ditch: release date: 24-09-2020
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One Foot In The Fade: release date: 28-04-2022

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Then he lent his voice for other audibles.

Let’s see what they are.

Still House by Christian White and Summer de Roche
This time we can hear him together with Sibylla Budd released on: 06-04-2021
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and finally

One Change by Caroline Overigton released on 01-06-2021
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and here the latest information from Luke himself about his latest audiobook