2nd Unlikely Interview – by Daria Francisci

Always on twitter i found a second list of questions made by C.J. Listro and i enjoy much to reply to each one of them in this second unlikely interview: 

I deleted 3 questions because the answers, would be the same. 

1 – I started to write when i was a child: in elementary school i have had a teacher very clever, who has always push us to write even little thoughts, and i always wrote them each day, when entered in classroom.

2 – I don’t remember the very first story i wrote: but i remember to have i always wrote thought, poems.

3 – The most recent story i have wrote, is still a working progress, and is a dark fantasy. While i writing the first chapters of this latest one, i realized that i taken inspiration from The Condominium of J.G Ballard, but more i was go ahead to write it, i has taken a totally different way.

5 – I don’t have a favourite font with which write, but when i write stories i use a italic font to differentiate between the stories, and thoughts.

6/7- I directly write on WordPress, on my open diary.

9 – In this time i would like much to cowrite with Luke Arnold, share his thoughts with mine.

10 – I never thought never to this question, but I would like write a book that may catch the attention of the reader, and he may remain astonish.

11 – I don’t eat any snacks: i rather drink a lot o mineral water. I live intesively and emotionally each story i write, therefore i consume many liquids.

12- When i wrote “Heart of Vampire” i didn’t have a pc below hand, and i wrote it all by hands, i have fllled three big notebooks. I had to stop myself when i had cramps, and my calligraphy become incomprehensible, but i had would wanted always, to continue to write, but it was impossible.
When i started to write Our Parallel World, pc has been my saviour….

13 – Which genre I could never write… I think, that one hystorical with precise dates and events. I could do many mistakes. From my writer experience, i love set free my mind, and dive myself in the fantasy worlds where i can invent everything without falling in traps in which i could don’t come out no longer: i can say instead which genre i would like to write. A detective story, but always in a fantasy world.

15 – If ever, i had a crush romantic on my characters? Definitely yes: in “Heart Of Vampire” has been Adam the vampire, one of the starring.
In Our Parallel World has been Luke, but for this character, it’s a different story, and in few lines it would so complicate to explain: i only can say that this novel it has been, almost a real necessity write it: it’s born from a thing that i have seen the night i started to write it: when i thought to have ended it after only few chapters, i said myself that i had to to continue, and it what i’ve done, and i put the word The End, one year later… but that in reality it a story still open, with all my many appendices that i’m writing yet.

16 – When i’m inside of my story, i see characters with all their personalities, how they are, and when i have to give to them a name, there i meet big problems.

17 – When i wrote Blue City i loved described heroes and villains, but i prefer to describe heroes, but i know that the villains have i a real important part in my stories, and i look for to describe them in the worstest way for give them an aspect really bad, i always hope to suceed.

18 – My three authors on twitter i admire more? Surely Luke Arnold, Peter Mclean and Rj Baker, but i could name many others.




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I have to thank my dearest friend Silvia Greci who has loaned me her voice for my replies
and a special thank to my dad who loaned his voice to the  “journalist” who has made me the questions.